Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews {Review}

"The Final Summit" is a sequel to "The Traveler's Gift". I did not have the opportunity to read the first the first book but both books are about a man named David Ponder who has been selected to be a Traveler. In "The Final Summit" David Ponder is an old man who's wife has died and he feels all alone. The Angel (Or Archangel as he often corrects people) Gabriel comes and summons David Ponder to a summit where they have a quest to find the one principle that will save humanity. The rest of the book is the discussion that is had at the summit.

  I was pretty excited about reading this book as I had read another of Andy Andrews books (The Heart Mender) and really loved it. Unfortunately this book did not live up to my expectations. I think a lot of the reason was simply that this book wasn't my style. I like reading about reality. I have never really enjoyed fantasy or any books that waver from known reality. And this book does that. Gabriel (who, just for the record, is very real- we simply don't have many facts about him) plays a huge part in this book and I guess I struggle with the way he is portrayed. Also most of the book deals with people after their death. I am not that found of that sort of story either.

  There were some things I did enjoy about the story however. I liked ready about some historical people and hearing more of their stories. A couple of them I had never even heard of before and I really enjoyed learning about them. Andy has apparently done some thorough investigating of his facts and I enjoyed these tidbits of history. I did also enjoy the thoughts on what might be a principle that humanity needs. I am not sure if I perfectly agree with the end conclusion but I enjoyed how the book really made you think.

  I doubt I will ever reread this book but I can think of other people in my life that I think might enjoy it. I think it is worth recommending, it just might never be their favorite book. And then again maybe it will be somebody's favorite- somebody with a different reading style than I.

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hi Abbi, really this comment has nothing to do with the post, but I just had to pop in from the Barn Hop and say that I love your blog! I have spent way more time here than I should have, but what a breath of fresh air it has been to visit! I look forward to reading more!!


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