Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Pretty Purse for a Pretty Sister

 This past weekend we were able to make a quick trip down to visit my older sister and her family. Anna's birthday was this month and I thought it would be fun to make her a purse as a present.
 I started looking through my fabric stash and I saw this wool orange and green plaid (In it's former life it was a skirt).  Anna likes bright colors and fall colors and I thought that might fit with her tastes. I decided to tone the bright colors down a bit by adding some cream in as well.

 I made up a pattern. I wanted there to be a convenient cell phone location as I don't like having to dig for mine in my purse, I like to have an inside zippered pocket and I decided to add a pocket on the front as well.
I lined the purse (which made it pretty easy to make the inside pocket) and I made it zip closed on the top. After that was done it looked like the picture above.

I thought it needed a little more so....
I made some flowers from some lining material where I melted the edges. Then I made a ball of the wool for the center of the flower. Then I decided to use some glass beads we had and I sewed them on to look like leaves and a curly stem. That was actually a fun project that I finished up as we traveled. (I know, I tend to be pretty last minute- I am trying to get better but it is hard!)

 Anna said she liked the purse. I hope it works well for her! Now I want to make myself a new one!


Leila- All Meant To Shine said...

How cute!! And how clever you are!!

Jackie said...

This is a pretty purse. I love how you have repurposed those wool clothes in so many different ways.

Anna said...

I like it a lot! It is working great and is roomier than my last couple purses which is rather handy as well. Love you,

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody!!


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