Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A nest necklace

 Are you enjoying Spring? I have been, even though I woke up this morning to fresh snow and then after melting some in the afternoon it started snowing again. I am enjoying that too but I am still excited about the real coming of Spring with birds singing, nest building and flowers blooming!

  I love this season, mud and finicky weather and all!

A while back I saw the idea for a nest necklace in a couple of different places online. I thought it was quite sweet and didn't think it looked to hard to make and I had everything I needed to make it.

I decided to make one for my sister Martha's birthday.
 I used decorative wire and coiled it up and twisted it around to make it look like a nest, then I took 3 pearl beads for eggs (my sister has 3 children, so one to represent each of them) and threaded a wire through them to secure them in place. Then I threaded a ribbon through the top. It was fun and easy to make. I think I might make one for me too.

Have you been making any projects lately? Has Spring really come to your area? What do you like about Spring?



Nola said...

What a cute necklace!

I also like the new header (I think that is what its called) for your blog. Its very nice. It suits your blog. I like the biking picture. We got to get our bikes out more this weekend (but now are back to winter again!) We got our oldest (5) a tagalong (or trailer) bike to go on her Dad's bike and then trailed the trailer behind that for the toddler. Have you ever seen the tagalong bikes?

Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

So pretty! I love the way this turned out! What a great idea for Mother's day!

Abbi said...

Thanks! We were back to winter again this morning as well. It was completely a winter wonderland outside. Beautiful! I have seen a tag- along bike and we thought about buying one but decided we didn't need one as Aaron was able to keep up. For now Megan still rides in the trailer. We might end up needing a tag along for her in the future.

Sarah, Thanks so much. It was easy and fun to make. It would be perfect for Mother's day!

Maria said...

I love this idea. I like yours better than the ones I have seen online!

Nola said...

The tagalong bikes are great since otherwise our 5 year old is not able to keep up, and just this year is too tall for the trailer (she is very tall for her age). Plus this way we don't have sisters poking each other in the trailer LOL.

Cassie said...

Very cute! I can't wait to see some real bird nests around here again! They are one of my favorite parts of spring :).


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