Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Handmade Christmas Carnival {Week 3}

 We have been having some fun times with creative pursuits lately. Harvesting has slowed down dramatically and we have a little more time to work on projects. That is pretty nice since we are wanting to make gifts and things. I hope you are finding some time for project making as well! I can't wait to hear about or see your ideas!

  I tend to do a lot of sewing when I make gifts,since for me that is a fairly fast and easy way to make a nice gift, However I know not everyone sews and also it is fun to have a little variety so my project today has nothing to do with needle and thread.

  Carving has been something we have really been having fun with this fall. We are a very long way from experts but improvement is being made. Jonathan has now made several gifts and I have not so subtly hinted to the boys that I would be very open to receiving wooden spoons (hand carved!) or a pestle for Christmas or my birthday (which is also in December).

 Here are a few of the things that have been made around our house so far:
A wooden knife that Jonathan made for Aaron's upcoming birthday.
The boy's arsenal of knives! Their Uncle Luke made the one in the middle,
it is quite treasured and it has been the inspiration for many more knives.
Jonathan made the ones on top and Aaron the ones (including a little spoon)
on bottom.
My project- A Spoon. It is so far from perfect but I am enjoying using something that I made myself.
It does really work too!
  If you would like to try out carving you might find someone around you that can give you some tips or you might check out the library for some books to show you how. Our library had a large collection of books on carving- though the majority of them where showing how to make intricate and beautiful birds.

Here are some links that you might find useful if you are interested in carving:
That is what we have been doing- now how about you? I would love to have you share either by commenting or linking up a post you have written.

I can't wait to see what you make!

-Please link up a handmade idea that would work for a Christmas gift, decoration or for eating. :-)
-Please make sure it is family friendly.
- Please link back to this blog. I would love it if you also would display my graphic either in your post or on your sidebar so that others can learn about and join this carnival too.
You might enjoy seeing the ideas from the other weeks:

We are having some issues with the Linky working very well. I am not sure what is going on. Anyway- go ahead and try linking up using it but if it doesn't seem to work just leave a comment with a link to your post and I will try to add all the links to this post manually. Thanks!

Here are the links:
Zimm's Zoo (Pretty pens, hair bows, ruffled onsies and build-a-fort kits)

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Jackie said...

Your carved items are awesome! I have never tried this type of craft, but my mom has. How neat! Sorry I don't have anything to link this week. I sure hope I can get moving on my homemade Christmas list very soon.


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