Thursday, October 20, 2011

A more organized life and home

This week my friend Jackie over at Blessings Overflowing started a series called "Countdown to A New Year- 11 weeks to a more organized life and home." Jackie invited everybody to join her in this goal of getting organized before the new year. That idea definitely appealed to me as I am feeling the need for some more organization in my life and I love having a goal to shoot for.

 Jackie is posting at the beginning of every week telling us what she is working on for the week and then she has been updating on her facebook page with the goal of encouraging others and staying accountable. This week she is working on doing 15 minutes of Bible reading every day. I think this is a wonderful goal! More scripture reading has been a huge goal of mine this year as well and I am feeling very blessed because we have been able to up our amount of reading this year and it does seem to have become a habit. Yeah! Since this is a habit for us already, I am seeking to keep it going but this week I decided to choose something else to work at getting organized in my life.

This week I am working at cleaning out and organizing my e-mail inbox. This is often a cluttered area of my life and one that needed work. I have made a lot of progress and hope to get it all cleaned out by the end of the week and then I will try to keep it that way!

Here are some other things I hope to work on before 2012:
  • Getting our clothes all sorted, organized and weeded through. Right now it feels a bit out of control in the kids rooms.
  • Food organization- more menu planning and freezing ahead.
  • Picture organization both on the computer and in albums.
  • Birthday card and present organization.
  • Homesteading journal.
  • Homeschooling record keeping/ organization.
  • Redoing the kids chore lists and responsibilities.
  • Craft supplies organization.
Those are some of the areas that I have thought of that I know need working on. Lord willing I will be able to make some progress! I will try to share anything that might be interesting as I go along!


Finding Balance mommy said...

I too was just thinking last night about all the unseen or non-home type things that need organized in my life. :-) The house is pretty good but it's the things like pictures, bills, documents, school stuff, that gets left undone. With digital photography it's been much easier to take photos, but I find that I don't print them off. It made me a little sad to think about all the memories that are sitting on my computer but not in albums. Thanks for the encouragement to make a plan to get the unseen things organized BEFORE 2012. :-)

Jackie said...

Thanks so much for sharing about my new series. I think you have some great ideas to get more organized. I imagine that once I finish this 11 week series that I will post about one new thing to do each week until I "have it all together". That might take awhile. :)


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