Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making my Home a Haven - Day of Joy

 The fruit of the Spirit that we concentrated on this second day of Making our Home a Haven (Yesterday) was Joy. 

In our morning at our start of school time we sang songs about Joy (I was wishing I would have thought of that on our Love day but I didn't) such as "I have the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy" and "Joy is the flag".

 Another activity that we did was to make a paper daisy that we wrote the meaning of joy on in the middle and Each person wrote one or more "Joy verses" on the petals. We hung this up in our upstairs bathroom which has a daisy theme. It is a nice joyful looking room so I thought it fit. :-)

  I will admit that I had a harder time thinking of ways to teach the concept of joy than I did love or peace, (which we are on today) but hopefully everybody learned a little something and that we are growing in having more joy.

I had hoped to thoroughly tackle some room again and get it looking all wonderful but that didn't happen. I did at least have the kitchen looking good again after supper but then after that I needed to bottle our last batch of honey and I haven't yet figured out where to put the canned goods that I canned on Monday (it is a good thing to run out of pantry room but it is still a challenge) so I actually went to bed with my kitchen looking rather full and not so neat. Oh well... We have a new day to work today.

I had also thought that the bathroom would be an easy one to clean up quickly but when I went in yesterday evening after the kids' showers/baths, it was in shambles and I just walked out again because I was out of energy.

 Things I did get done were: Homeschooling my children, Feeding my family, Harvesting and extracting the last of our honey (40 lbs!), lots of laundry (with help from my children) and a bit of tidying up here and there around the house. I also had fun observing my children making a raft, trying to float it in the swamp and encouraging them to get it pulled out when it sunk.

  In my search of verses yesterday I found this one and even though the barren part (as I haven't had trouble conceiving) doesn't apply to me- I thought the rest of it did.

  "He make the barren woman abide in the house as a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord!" Psalms 113:9

I did also find time to add a little beauty to my house when I quickly fixed this wreath up for our front door.

How is your day going?


thehomespunheart said...

Sweet daisy, Abbi! Oh, how I have been there to walk in a room and walk right back out again because I lacked the energy or time to really do it well. Joy shines through your post! Love, Monica

petrii said...

Abbi, I love the flower and the wreath on your door. So beautiful. What a lovely blog you have. Have a Blessed evening, Dawn

Sara said...

I lvoe the wreath! I'm sure it will bring a smile to your face each time you enter your home.

Maria said...

Love the daisy and the wreath...You got a lot accomplished yesterday - 40 lbs. of honey - WOW!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much everybody! I love it when you stop by to visit!

Nola said...

I love the wreath too! Wish I could have one :)

I was blessed today by having a woman from church come over to watch my kids so I could pack for a trip, as I am totally out of energy myself and really needed the help (an answer to prayer...I needed the help but didn't want to ask, but she offered since she saw the need). We've been sick and had lots of things going on so I was overwhelmed to try to get ready to go and so this was SUCH a blessing for me and my kids loved it too.

Abbi said...

That is such a blessing to have a freind help out. I hope you have fun on your trip!


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