Saturday, October 22, 2011

Very easy leggings upcycled from knit shirts

My Meggie girl loves to wear skirts. I don't mind as she looks cute and feminine and I like making skirts too. However, when our weather starts to get cold (which it has been- though today is beautiful!) her legs can get cold so easily just wearing skirts. She doesn't always seem to notice a coldness but it bothers me. :-)

 Tights are nice to wear with skirts but they get wrecked fairly easily (the thin ones get ruined really easily) and we don't get them as hand-me-downs usually so they are something we have to go out and buy. I don't mind doing that some but for everyday wear it is nice to find a cheaper alternative. Thankfully leggings are pretty trendy right now AND they are easy to make! I found some ideas on line for re purposing knit long sleeve shirts for that purpose and we tried it this week and found it to be quite easy.

 First we cut the sleeves off of an old shirt. These would work for the legs. Then using another old t-shirt I got the area needed for her bottom.

 We sewed them all together, added elastic to the waist and elastic lace to the ankle area and they were done. They look rather funny just plain but sticking out under a skirt they look rather cute- I think anyway. 
 They would look even cuter if we had a skirt that they matched- I guess we weren't thinking that far. Maybe I shall have to make one or maybe I will just enjoy the eclectic look. At least her legs are staying warm!
 I would have made them all out of one fabric except the problem was that I had already used part of that skirt for an upcycling project. Earlier this year I used it to make a cute onesie dress. I didn't really matter though as the top part of the leggings aren't supposed to show anyway. I have seen this shirt to legging idea a couple of places on line but most recently I saw it at Make it and Love it and she does a great job of showing you how to do it if you want to try it too.


Ms. Becky said...

What a cute idea!! Now to go digging through my "rag" pile and find those old long sleeve t's with holey fronts.


Jackie said...

How cute! You did a great job and your Megan looks like she loves her new leggings. Thanks for linking up!

Hallie said...

Oh my goodness!!! I've been stashing cute holiday shirts I find at thrift stores for "someday" and they would be perfect for this!! Thankyou!!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

What a wonderful idea. I have been making baby pants from old tshirts.
THank you for sharing.

Bonnie Williams said...

I shall be looking for long sleeve knit shirts for you! This is a wonderful idea!

heartland frugalista said...

Great job!


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