Monday, May 7, 2012

Finding time for projects

 I have had some people wonder how I find time for the various projects I/we do. I thought I would show you a picture of our living room this morning which is pretty typical.

 Every school morning we start out our day with prayer, Bible reading, Memorization, reading of a fun educational book (currently a neat one of the history of medicine), singing and stretching. While the kids listen to me read and while we quote our Bible chapters together we work with our hands. (I don't do it while I read, I just do it during the quoting.)

   Mara generally does a lot of cross stitching while the rest of us have been busy working on rag rugs lately (though Megan will sometimes draw or do other things as well). Jonathan loves to cut strips and is good at it. The others are still learning but they do pretty good. They are good at connecting the strips together. Today I got Aaron started at weaving a hula hoop rug so he worked on that. Jonathan will also sometimes help me crochet the rugs.

  Our living room often looks pretty messy when we get down but it isn't too hard to put to rights- though with all the fabric threads and scraps we do often have to vacuum too. The mess is worth the progress we make in my opinion however. Besides this morning time I also work on projects while I listen to my younger two kids read aloud to me and sometimes in the morning while I have my quiet time.

How do you find time to work on projects?
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Tony said...

You certainly have your hands full. You have some creative ways to fit it all in.


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