Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sharing some beauty

 I had mentioned that I thought it would be fun to try and share beauty outside our home every day in the month of May. It might just be in our yard or it could be further afield. Here is some of the things we have had fun doing so far in May.

May 1st-
 We made around 50 May baskets ( I have mentioned them before and we did have some people help us) with homemade flowers in them. We also put cookies in the baskets that were going to people that we knew - I wasn't sure that people that we didn't know would want to eat cookies out of a basket just left hanging on their door.

 We delivered one to our good friend Ula (who is 98) who lives in an assisted living apartment. She enjoyed it and then when she found out that we were planning on delivering one to everybody in her apartment complex (there are around 40 apartments) she called her niece Lois over so that she could see all the baskets and recieve hers in person.

After that we did go around and hang one on each door. Mara is not with us because she had to have 4 teeth pulled that morning (preparation for braces) and decided it would work better to go hang out with my her aunt rather than go all over delivering baskets.
 Besides that apartment building we did also take some to some friends that live in an apartment for handicapped and low income people. We also had some extras that we just hung on some of the others doors. We had thought it would be fun to do all the apartments there but ran out of time in getting baskets made. I do think they would appreciate them however so maybe next year!

May 2nd-
 We did a bit of ditch cleaning along our road. It always amazes me how much we find. Another day we will do some more cleaning as it still needs it.

May 3rd-
 We had our homeschool get-together and we made May baskets with treats for all of the families that came. I forgot to take a picture until afterwards so these baskets are the leftovers. Our kids had fun eating the treats in them. :-)

May 4th-
 Okay, so I am not so sure this fits under the category of spreading beauty but it is what we did so I guess I will mention it. I went and helped a friend get ready for her estate auction (Her husband died in March) along with my Mom and another friend from church while the kids helped their Grandpa plant a bunch of onions. I failed to take any pictures that day but took a picture of the Auction today when it was actually being held.

May 5th
 We didn't do a lot today but did spend a little while working on weeding and pruning off old plants in the landscaping at the church building.
Have you been working to spread beauty? I would love to hear what you are doing!

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