Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tired and sore but enjoying life!

My body is a bit tired and sore lately (though better this morning than it was yesterday). Ken and I got back Tuesday afternoon from 3 days of canoeing on the Mississippi river. It was the first time we had gone on a canoe trip for 10 years and we had a lot of fun but my body has been complaining a bit. :-) I took lots of pictures on the trip but I just got a new camera and I don't know how to upload them yet so I will be posting about our trip later.

 While we went on our canoe trip the kids went over to my parents (and took the old camera along- they are happy the have their own now!) and I thought I would share some of the pictures that they took.
They love staying with Grandma and Grandpa (my parents)!
They love getting to spend time with Auntie Keren too!

Keren got Mara all fixed up and did a photo shoot of her. They got some fun pictures.
Obviously some of the normal wrestling went on.
Aaron (and the others) enjoyed the baby goats.
Megan took quite a few self portraits.
She discovered that you could use a mirror to do self portraits too.

I would kind of love to sit around and relax following our canoe trip but that isn't happening because yet this week we still have scheduled:

  • A homeschool program on Friday night and dress rehearsal this morning.
  • Costumes to be made (they are turning out cute!) and stuff to be practiced.
  • Homeschool baseball games tonight.
  • Final planning and prayer for our homemakers group that starts next week.
  • Garden to be planted. ( I was feeling pressured to get this done but not so much after we almost had frost the last two nights.)
  • A Republican banquet to help out with and make things for the silent auction.

  • I had better go get busy! Have a great day!


Keren Ruth said...

:) I like Megan's camera tilt. very artsy.

All in a Day said...

You sound as busy as us! :)

Anna said...

It looks like Megan got all fixed up as well. Fun pictures.


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