Sunday, May 13, 2012

A week of spreading beauty

 We are still working on our monthly project of helping our world (outside the walls of our home) to be more beautiful. Here is our journal for this past week.

May 6th (no picture)
We cleaned the basement at the church building. With all of us working together it really didn't take very long. It was fun to make that play area look better.

May 7th
Yard clean-up time. Jonathan did trash duty (finding broken sand toys and other odds and ends on our 1 1/2 acre), Aaron put away all bikes, yard toys and such, Mara trimmed dead branches off of the bushes, Megan picked up sticks and I did all sorts of odds and ends and helped the others as needed.
 May 8th  (we actually didn't do any projects this day - to much other business - but we did two things on Wednesday to make up for it. )

May 9th
 We had a very weedy strawberry bed but it isn't anymore!
 So much better! We are looking forward to strawberries!
 On our way home from church Megan and I picked up trash on the side of the road.

May 10th
  We were sending a package in the mail and I used a recycled padded envelope that had some writing on both sides that needed to be covered up. I decided to use on of our Fairy creations to cover it up and make a pretty package. We hope that the recipients and all of the mail carriers enjoy it.

May 11th
I held a recital for all of my music students to play in. All of our kids played so we shared beautiful music with others that day. We also shared treats (which we tried to make beautiful) and flowers at the recital too. We didn't get any good pictures of our kids playing but there is a picture of my very cute little violin students who kept playing and playing and playing. It was quite funny as his song had repeats in it and I guess he forgot how many times he had repeated. His parents finally started clapping.

May 12th
This Saturday was a wonderful time of working outside. It was fun to get quite a lot accomplished.

 Mara mowed the lawn and it looks pretty lovely now!
Ken and the boys tilled the garden. I am eager to start planting soon!

We also weeded and other various odds and ends.

It was a fun week. Having you been getting things done outside lately?


Travis said...

Your recital story is fun.
All the working outside is also fun. I hope all of your growing endevores go well. Lots of strawberries would be so nice! ~Anna

Lady Violet said...

You have all been very busy. The tidy up idea is a great one.
You sure have to plant late! Or is it me who plants early? In mid March the potatoes are already coming through and at the beginning of April (the rainy season) I had everything in and growing. Today for lunch we will taste our first garden grown lettuce! What do you plant?
Have fun getting it up together :)

Abbi said...

Lady Violet,
Sorry I didn't answer sooner. We do indeed plant late here. Our growing season often doesn't start until the end of May because of frosts. We have long summer days though (as we live in the north) so things can grow pretty fast. We are eating out of the garden now. I hope your garden is going well too!


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