Saturday, July 13, 2013

A strawberry picking, soap making, baseball playing, duck loving sort of day

 Yesterday was one of those days that are just brimful with things we enjoy doing.  Our first project of the day was to go the strawberry u-pick farm. We are trying to grow our own strawberries but so far there simply isn't enough of them to do much with and we really wanted some strawberry jam.
  We tried out a new play that it much closer to town than we have been at before. Also they are careful not to use herbicides or pesticides so that was another bonus! The kids thoroughly enjoyed picking. We got 4 heaping buckets full and ate a lot while picking too (that was encouraged there so that was pretty nice).
 We have made 4 batches of jam since, frozen quite a bit and made (and ate!) yummy fresh strawberry pie.
 After picking strawberries we went over to a friends house because she said I could come watch and help her make soap. I was very excited to get to do that and my kids had a lot of fun playing with hers.

  Thursday evenings are always are homeschool baseball games. It was a beautiful evening for the kids to play ball, the dads to run the game and the moms to sit around and visit!

 When we got home from baseball some friends were waiting for us with a baby duck. It had been rescued after it's mother got run over. The kids named it Spunky. It is adorably cute.
Unfortunately this morning when Jonathan was letting it have some exercise in the lawn it took off into the woods (it is amazingly fast for a tiny duck that only weighs 1 1/2 ounces!) and though we looked and looked for it and listened and listened for it's little voice we did not find it. We have hopes that it made it's way to the swamp behind our house and will survive. Jonathan feels very badly about it but perhaps it is all for the best. I am not sure that the chickens were going to accept it very well as a new companion anyway.

 Today we got ready for and then have enjoyed having company and I best get to bed so I can get up at a decent hour to make breakfast in the morning!


Sharmayne said...

There is nothing more yummy than homemade strawberry jam..... Well plum jam is also rather nice! I too need a lot more strawberries producing! I make my own soaps here too, so hope you feel encouraged to have a go after watching your friend. Hugs. Sharm

The Heart Of A Woman said...

Yum yum!!! Homemade jam sounds good!!!


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