Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Learning to be lovely

 Something that I read recently made me think about how I would like always look lovely in my husband's eyes. That when he looks at me I would be beautiful in his opinion. That would not mean that I am always dressed perfectly or have every hair in place but more that everything about me, mind. body and soul would be lovely.

  I do want to look attractive to him in physical ways but also in my attitude, the words I say and my actions.

  Some of my goals are:
  1. To think about Ken when I am dressing or taking care of my hair and try to fix things in a way that he likes.
  2. Remember to smile at him often.
  3. To always have a good attitude.
  4. To be joyful.
  5. To find little ways to serve him throughout the day.
Those are some of the things I am wanting to work on in order to be lovely in the sight of my husband.

Do you strive to be lovely?


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