Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Abundantly Blessed

 You may remember that my bees have given me a bit of drama this year. First they struggled with chalk brood and then one hive decided to swarm as well. I was able to catch the swarm and put it back but I admit I did really wonder if this might not be such a good honey year after all the extra excitement. But at this point I think we are going to have a great honey year after all. On Sunday afternoon I went out to check them quickly (as it had been around a week) and discovered that both hives needed more empty boxes but I only had one empty box left. I needed to extract soon! To have basically all my boxes filled by the beginning of July is absolutely wonderful!

  I called a friend who had wanted to come over to help with the bee keeping sometimes (she is interested in doing it herself) and we arranged to have her (and her kids) come over on Monday morning.

After removing many full frames of honey comb we then extracted and gave some of the empty frames back to them to fill again. We were blessed with a very good honey harvest and I am truly feeling abundantly blessed! It always amazes me how God can work even through difficulty. Nothing can stop our great and mighty God. He can do anything!

It made me start thinking about other ways that I am feeling abundantly, overwhelmingly blessed. I thought I would share a few of those reasons......
When I was working on the Republican float for the parade this year ( I was left in charge of the signage and decorating after some of the men in our group did an awesome job of turning the frame of an old car into a float - super impressive work on their part!) and feeling overwhelmed with how much there was to do and didn't feel like I had the strength - friends came to the rescue and helped and it got done. God abundantly blessed!

 When riding in the parade this year and able to see and recognize so many from our community and have so many recognize me and call to me or wave I feel abundantly blessed with all the friends I have and the community that we can live in.

Hearing Mara play the piano for the congregational singing for church on Sunday night and her doing a pretty good job left me feeling abundantly blessed. I am so thankful that my children love music and that most of all they want to use their talents to glorify God.

 Going on a walk hand in hand with my little Megan in order to forage some stuff from the edge of our road left me feeling abundantly blessed. Not only because I have a little girl who loves me and wants to be with me but also because God has given us so many, many plants growing all over with so many, many different uses. When I start studying the things that He has made I am just in Awe and I feel abundantly blessed!

  Getting to pick various produce from our garden always leaves me feeling abundantly blessed. Not always do the things that we work hard on produce well but something always produces and we eat and are blessed!

  Have children that are willing to work hard with me on projects (like a chicken coop which is almost completed!) leaves me feeling abundantly blessed.

 Having a husband who loves me (enough to even survive most of the summer without air-conditioning since I don't like it) and provides for our family leaves me feeling very abundantly blessed.

  Having a Savior who was willing to come to earth and be a sacrifice for my sins so that I don't have to carry that burden of guilt or pay the penalty leaves me knowing that I am super abundantly blessed!!! (I have been loving reading through Hebrews lately that reminds me of His sacrifice.)

God is so good and I could share so many more reasons but I think I will stop for now and just encourage you to notice all the blessings that He has given to you!

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All in a Day said...

Do you have enough honey to sell?

Anonymous said...

Dear Abbi,

I really enjoyed reading this post. Please pray for my family that the job I just applied for comes through. We continue to struggle financially but am hopeful that our circumstances will improve soon. I need to find a second job. Many people have been judgemental and have made many unkind comments to me when they hear that I am lookinng for work. At this point it really isn't a choice. I come to your blog each day and find your upbeat words a blessing.

Abbi said...

We don't really have enough to sell (also Ken doesn't ever want us to get into that because of liability reasons) - I am trying to replace basically all our sugar with natural sweeteners and so far we haven't been able to do that but I am hoping maybe we might be able to this year. Or perhaps God is abundantly blessing us because we will need to help others.

Abbi said...

Thank you for the encouraging words about my blog. I am so thankful that it has been uplifting to you.

I am sorry that you are facing so many struggles right now. I will indeed keep you in my prayers!

Erin said...

Incredibly, abundantly blessed! A perfect reminder that I needed today. Thanks, Abbi.

Sharmayne said...

Hi Abbi,
It's nice to visit with you after a long spell from blogland. On my return I too felt blessed and have made one of my aprons & crocheted dishcloths to give away. Since you have been so wonderful to be one of my followers, I just wanted to stop by & let you know in case you would like the opportunity to take part in this. Big Hugs, & congrats on such a wonderful honey harvest Sharm

Jackie said...

Love this post! I always appreciate how thankful you always are for the blessings God has given you. Thank you for being such a strong woman of faith and sharing what God has done for you with others. :)

Your honey supply is totally awesome. I am so glad things have turned around with your bees. Also, those strawberries are gorgeous!

All in a Day said...

I think it is neat that you may be able to replace all the sweeteners this year. If so, it did not take you very many years to make a go of this!!!!! :)


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