Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April To You!

 Well it is April and it is Spring and we may be thinking about flowers, umbrellas and things like that but in reality around here it is looking a bit more like the picture below. This picture was taken last week (I believe) and it did melt some after that but then we had another snow storm last night so we are back to beautiful white! That's quite all right - we will enjoy our April however it should come.
 Though outside it may not always feel much like Winter is close to done, inside we counted up this week and figured out that the kids will pretty much be done with their math by the end of this month. Now that is cause for celebration! I think math is kind of fun and so do some of my kids (though not all of them!) but since math is one of the things that seems to tie us down and make us really have to work hard it is always a celebration when we have finished the books for the year. Jonathan or Megan should get done first, Mara is quickly behind them and then Aaron (to whom Math comes easily but had quite a few more lessons in his book) will probably do some extra lessons so he can get done as soon as the others.

   So much of our learning we do throughout the year but the math book is only done in the school year and when it is done - it is done. So yeah! We will be getting done early! That is perfect because that will give us more time for planting fruit trees on our new property, getting the garden going (at both places), getting things ready for building a house and just enjoying Spring.

How is school going for your household? Do you try to get done early?

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