Saturday, April 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home ~To Use a Realtor or Not When Selling

I thought it would be interesting to share some of the things I have learned on the topic of selling your home and am hoping that if you have any experience with any of this that you will join in the conversation in the comments so that, Lord willing, we can provide a source of information that is helpful to those wanting to sell their house.

 When we decided to sell our house our initial plan was to use a Realtor. We have used one before and it was a positive experience (both for selling and buying) but then we started thinking about all the money we would save (around 6% of the selling price goes to the Realtor) and we thought maybe we would attempt selling it ourselves a little before listing it. Here are the things we tried:

  • Word of Mouth - telling basically anybody and everybody that we were wanting to sell our house. We did have one person come look at our house through this method. Some friends of ours probably do have their house sold by this method.
  • Using Facebook, or blog or any other social network that you are on to tell about your house being for sale. I did put it on both Facebook and here on my blog.
  • Think about any papers or newsletters that you could put a "For Sale" add in for free. I was able to put something in our local homeschool e-newsletter. From that I could link to my blog with all the information.
  • Put up a "For Sale" sign on your street.
That is all that we did. We didn't work that hard at it, partly because we were really busy, partly because we didn't want to start to early as we didn't want to suddenly be without a house while it was still early and partly because we had kind of planned on using a realtor so we were open to that option.

Here are some other ideas that I have heard of that might be able to help you sell your house yourself.

  • By the "For Sale" sign in front of your house also have a weather safe place where you can keep flyers about your house (with price details, pictures etc.) that people can easily pick up without ever bothering you. A friend said she was able to sell her house by this method.
  • Put it on Craigslist.
  • Hold your own open house (it is an idea but the friend that told me about it said it was a waste of time and money for them. So it probably would depend on where you live.)
  • Pay just a listing fee with a broker and get your house put up on the MSL listing.
  Some other details you would need to think about when you are selling your home yourself is how should you price it and then dealing with all the paper work when you sell. I am sorry but I am no expert in either field so I would love for others to chime in with advice!

 We did decide to go ahead and list with a Realtor at the beginning of this month. We did get 7 showings the first week and then soon after that they held an open house which attracted more people. Out of that we did get one offer (which didn't work out). So listing with the Realtor did indeed work very well to get some action that we hadn't been seeing. The time of year that we did list (just when it was getting warm) was also probably helpful.  Helping with all the paperwork is something else that is very handy to have a Realtor for. They also have helpful advice.

  What I don't like about using a Realtor is how much it costs and also that now for every showing we have to leave the house. It can be a little challenging to get schoolwork and other things done at home when we have to leave every so often so that they can have a showing. 

   Anyway - that is our story so far - I would love to hear yours! Have you ever sold a house yourself - what was your experience? If you use a Realtor what are your thoughts on that?


Amy and Mark said...

We sold a house last year and chose to use a realtor from the beginning.

Our house was built in the 1890's and was in a neighborhood that was quickly filling with rentals instead of homeowners. We had already found our new house so we wanted to sell the old one quickly. We were worried that it might be a difficult sale as the house was older, had a very small yard, only 1 bathroom, etc and that helped us know we needed an expert to sell it.

Our wonderful real estate agent helped us sell our "difficult sale" in three months from listing to closing. She helped us stage the home and made beautiful pictures.

I agree that it was difficult to be coming and going for showings but I was glad to have an expert doing all of the paperwork.

Praying the right buyer comes to you in God's Time!

Amelia said...

It really is true, my husband is a Real Estate broker, we own our own company, our oldest daughter is also a Realtor. A Realtor is definitely an asset and value considering homes most always sell for more through a Realtor.

A Realtor has the job of the legal work not to mention in our case as Christians, a counselor many times.: ) I've seen my husband sit in court with people, hospital visitations etc. My husband has shared he has met some of the nicest people too through Real Estate.

It's one of the only occupations where a professional will work and sometimes not ever be paid for the work.

Many have no idea how expensive it is to be a Realtor, it is very expensive to hold a license and especially with the exorbitant association fees. It always breaks my heart to see some complain about paying a Realtor. I wonder if their husband is paid for their work?

It's a pleasant read to read your blog and see a positive light on Realtors. : )

Reminder to all, for every homeschool daddy Realtor, there is a frugal and praying mama behind the scenes.

God bless you Abbi! If you would like, at the beginning of my Forest Cathedral blog, I have it journaled how the Lord answered prayers through so many confirmations on our move and building our home on acreage.


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