Monday, April 21, 2014

Take Naps for Greater Productivity

The goats see the need for naps.
   Today I was reminded once again of something that I well know but every so often I like to challenge - I guess to make sure it is still so. I was reminded of the fact that I can function much better and be much more productive in a day when I have had my nap. I don't take the 2 to 3 hour naps that leave you completely groggy (unless you are sick and really need the rest) but rather I am speaking of a quick pick-me-up nap of 10-25 minutes.

  Our youngest child is 8 but still we have nap time nearly every day at our house. First we have our time of me reading aloud to the kids and then we each go off to our own beds and spend up to one hour there. I usually read for 20-40 minutes and then I set my alarm for 20 minutes later and go to sleep. My kids spend all of their time reading (only sleeping if they are sick) but still get some good time of rest and quietness. It has also been a good time for them to learn how to manage being happy alone and quiet. I started training them to do it when they were very young (just past the age of them napping naturally on their own).

  Here is why I really like naps: I like to be a very efficient worker and get things done quickly. I can easily do that in the morning but after lunch I start to drag a little bit - our little nap time gets me going again and I can once again be quick and efficient. For me a nap also really helps my mood. I have discovered that I can get cranky or moody much more easily when I have missed my nap (sound like a little kid you might know?!). When my kids were younger and actually needed sleep I would also notice a big difference in them if the nap was missed. For me I would much rather use a quick nap then dose up with caffeine (which I have never found to work for me anyway).

  A side note on my kids - they have all gone through times of not enjoying naps that much but that time seems to be pretty much over. They talk now about liking them and will admit missing them when something else happens. They are all bookworms now (I think our nap time encourages that) and so spending an hour reading during the middle of the day is actually pretty fun - you don't have to work or do schoolwork during that time so it is nice for them.

  Over all even with the hour that I miss in resting during our nap time I have found that I can get much more done in a day then if I would try to just keep on working and skip my nap. So just in case you struggle with productivity and feeling worn out come evening I thought I would share with you what works very well for me. Maybe taking a nap will help you as well!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Do you take naps? Why or why not?

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Amelia said...

Oh yes! We definitely are nappers here! : )

I have to take a nap daily or it takes a toll. Even just a 15 minute type nap helps to keep me healthy. Usually my nap times are an hour though. My daughters are also nappers.

Naps are smart. : ) Perhaps we could start an ad campaign? lol

Blessings! ~amelia

HappyMommy said...

I love naps too...I am a napping advocate :) I usually read and/or take a power nap of about ten or fifteen minutes. It is amazing how such a little bit of time really does make a difference!


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