Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some Ways We Have Saved Money Lately

   Frugality is a lifestyle. So many frugal things we do we don't even think about any more - it is just normal. And since we grew up in frugal homes as well there are some things we may have never thought about as that is just the way it has always been done. Some of the ways that we waste money are also things that are just normal for us - things that we don't really even think about.

  That is why I think it is fun to both read the ways that others save money and also share some of the ways that we save money. It can be helpful to both of us to notice new ways that we could save money.

Here are some of the things that we have done lately that have helped us to save money:
Mara beside the bike trail which is covered with snow.
 Last Saturday our family took a bike ride since it was a beautiful day. Not only was it free exercise and entertainment but we were also able to run an errand while we were out which saved on gas. Our ride did get cut shorter than planned when we got over on the other side of the lake and found that the trail there was still covered with snow. Because we didn't bike as far we stopped and played for a while at a playground. This playground is over nearer to our new land and the kids really liked it and are excited about going to it more often.

A swinging contest
 We went shopping at JC Penny because I had a $10 of $10 coupon and were able to find shirts for the boys to wear at my sister's wedding and then also 2 shirts each for Mara and I. With the coupon I only spend $1.82 for 6 shirts. That was a pretty nice deal - especially since the two for the wedding we were going to need to buy anyway.

  Jonathan needed shoes and so we went shopping for them but the only ones he liked were pretty expensive. I came home and went shopping on Amazon as was able to find ones that were very comparable (leather, sturdy and brown - all important to J)  for $25 less.
 I made a batch of deodorant. It is so easy to make, lasts a long time, works fine and doesn't have any scary ingredients in it.

 We use handkerchiefs when we need to blow/wipe our noses.

 We have been eating from the food that we have this week except for a stop to get milk. It is such a blessing to have chickens that are laying well.

  We saved eggs to go in my Dad's incubator so quite likely we won't have to buy either new layers or meat chickens this year.
 I helped my sister work on altering her wedding dress. This doesn't really save me any money but it is always fun to help others save money too. That is one of the blessings of having family and friends - helping each other out.

 I was able to alter a pair of jeans that I had so that I like the way they look and fit much better.

 We planted seeds inside for transplanting later on outside. We do this with tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, herbs, flowers, broccoli, kohlrabi and more. This saves us lots of money over buying little plants at the greenhouse. We also saved money in this venture as I used recycled items for all of my planting. I also used soil that I had saved from last year. The only cost in this was for some seeds but not even all of the seeds as I saved seeds from some of the heirloom crops in my garden and I also saved seeds that were leftover from last year - I just plant those a little heavier.

 In getting ready for a big homeschool co-op day next week where we are going to learn about pioneer days I have been able to do things all while using stuff we already have on hand. I am making a quilt that we are going to use for a quilting bee, we will be all wearing costumes, I am providing stuff for the kids to dip candles (oh I forgot, I did specially order the wick with this event in mind a few months back but all the equipment and the wax will be using recycled cans and old candles), helping with making ice cream, soup and bread. It will be a fun and busy day but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive. :-)

 I am also helping to prepare for a homeschool year end program and for that I was able to find some free printable music online for us to use for both instruments and singers.

 Last night our family (and my parents and sister) enjoyed a free concert sponsored by our Library. It was a lady that had all sorts (she must have played around 20)of different instruments - most of which we had never heard before. It was a fun and educational experience.

  What have you been doing to save money lately?

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