Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Family Bike Ride

 Last week since Aaron had a "new" bike (a nice used one that we found for a good deal) and the leaves were starting to change colors and it was pretty beautiful out (though still rather chilly) we thought it would be fun to go for a bike ride. We hadn't been on a family one for a while and it was time. Here are some snapshots of our day....

Above you see some milk weed pods that are bursting open. They look so cool, I think.
 We found high bush cranberries along the trail and we picked them. The next day Mara and I went canoeing and found a bunch more and picked a bunch of them too and then we made them all into juice.
 We brought a picnic along. Ken and Jonathan always love to get some wrestling in whenever they can. Boys! (and men!)

 When we road into the little town of Laporte, MN the Lion's club was having a community appreciation day and were serving a free lunch. They called to us as soon as we rode up to come eat. We had already had our picnic a while ago but most of the family thought another meal would be great. I didn't go for a full meal but I did enjoy a snack too.
 Right after we arrived a parade of old cars went by too - which was fun.

 We saw a lot of sumac and I gathered some and made some "Juice" from it. It is supposed to be high in Vitamin C.
 We used the timer and got a family picture.
 We saw many beautiful rosehips - we gathered a bunch and are drying them to use in tea this winter.
 There were some lovely asters along the trail.
 Mara loved taking lots of pictures.
At the parking lot where we had driven to there were a bunch of roosters wandering around. They were very pretty. We spilled our popcorn which got their group (there were around 8) rather excited. They ate it up in a jiffy.

It was a fun day. I love getting out in the Autumn. That is probably my favorite season but I do really love the others too. :-)

  Have you been enjoying Autumn? What have you been doing?


Nola said...

I love Autumn but it is so short-lived here. The winter tries to take over while its still Autumn time! We have snow and there are still leaves to change! I don't know if it will melt or not. We usually get snow "to stay" in a few weeks anyways. We had nice weather last weekend though, and we got out biking then and took some photos. I like your milkweed photo. Milkweed is rare where I live.

Abbi said...

Did your snow melt? We haven't had any yet here though some of my kids are really hoping for it. Our leaves are pretty much all gone now though.
We have quite a bit of milk weed around here which I am happy about.


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