Sunday, October 18, 2015

It is Worth It

Aaron cutting the omelet for our Kim-Bob that Su Hyun was helping us make.
 Today I have been going through pictures on our computer trying to get rid of some as our disk space is pretty much full. Anyway I was very much enjoying seeing all the pictures of my little cute kids who really aren't so little any more (though they are still rather cute). I was going through my cooking category in my pictures and I was noticing just how many I had of the kids helping with the cooking.

  Meanwhile today Mara volunteered to make lunch. Yesterday the boys got the supper ready. My kids are pretty competent in the kitchen. If I am not able to cook or don't feel like it then they can. Often times they will make stuff in the kitchen just because they want to. We also often work together in the kitchen. Things go much faster when I have helpers.
Jonathan working to make his Kim-Bob.
 It wasn't always true that things went faster with helpers. In fact I am pretty sure at times things went slower but training them when they were young has been so very helpful in the long run!! The time spent then was truly worth it.
Aaron helping Pei -Lin. We have been blessed over the years to have international students
 that have showed us how to cook food from other cultures.
   My kids have really enjoyed helping me in the kitchen through the years. We have never used TV or movies to keep the kids busy while I worked so unless they were involved in their own play they have generally spent a lot of time with me - especially before they started really reading a lot.

  I had such fun looking through all these old pictures that I decided I would share a bunch with you. You probably won't find them quite as much fun since they aren't your kids but I am hoping that they might be an encouragement to young mother's out there.
 Even when it feels rather messy - let them keep helping you!
Pei - Lin was teaching us to make these fancy Japanese things with sticky rice, tuna and sea weed.

Megan putting sugar on top of the muffins.

I love these of Megan making rolls. We were making a bunch for a Holiday.

Jonathan helped too.

All of the kids were actually called to action for this roll making day.

Aaron helping my dad make Kim-chee.

Making bread.

Canning beans. I am still so thank-ful to have these helpers when canning season comes.

Jonathan cutting apples for applesauce.

 Do your kids like to help in the kitchen? Do you have any strategies for having them help you?

  You will be amazed at what even very little kids can do to help in the kitchen. Help them wash their hands, give them a chair to stand on (or move somewhere lower) and let them get to work.


Nola said...

I do find these photos encouraging, thank you! It is encouraging to me since my oldest is the age of your youngest, so I still have some little ones. I found it very difficult the past few years to have them help me much since we had a very difficult kitchen (not enough space for even one person to work well). But now we have a new house and we bought a house that has lots of counter space (this was something that was on our top priority list for a house if we could find it) and so I am thankful. We are still getting settled in, but my kids have already been asking when they can help more.

Abbi said...

I am glad you found this encouraging. I am so happy for you that you have your new place! May you have many fun hours working with your kids in the kitchen!


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