Saturday, February 11, 2017

This Week (and Last) in Pictures

 Mara is taking an online Chemistry class for college this semester. It has been interesting for her and we find it humorous to see her in goggles and gloves.
 Megan enjoys her large collection of dolls (many of which she has purchased herself). She had some of her China ones out last week, fixing them up.
 After homeschool co-op last week some of the kids (and I helped some too) tried out some acrobatic stunts that we may use at our Science Circus in May.
 Jonathan is carrying quite a load. :-)
 Last Saturday we were down in Saint Cloud for Jonathan's robotics tournament. Their robot had troubles and didn't do real well but we had fun there anyway. I think this is a very cool learning program for kids!
 For Family night this week we played Jenga. It is a fun and suspenseful game.
 Then Ken and I played a couple of games of pegotty. He beat me both times but I gave him more competition then he was expecting so that is good. I made this game board for him years ago. This was a game that he had loved to play with his dad and Granddad but didn't have a board to play on so I found out how his dad's was made and made one for him (with the help of my dad teaching me how to use a drill press).

 This is my youngest daughter. :-) And this face is the result of her trying to read all the books in the house.
  I came home on Wednesday afternoon - (I had left to take our two oldest to drivers training - we will be having more drivers in this household soon!) - to find Megan busily researching how to make plaster masks online. She had been reading in a craft book and found some instructions but didn't think we had either plaster of paris or petroleum jelly (we had both) and was figuring out what she could substitute them with. She was wanting to make a mask. She just needed a little assistance from me. I didn't have time that day but said that if she got her schoolwork done right away the next morning that I could help her.

So she did. It gives her quite the interesting look! She has painted it some now too and enjoys wearing it around some of the time.
 Thursday afternoon Aaron, Megan and I found time to do a little skating while the other kids were at Driver's Ed.
 Our friends that live by the skating rink joined us for a little while too.
 It was fun to get out.
 Then I took Aaron to his 4-H shooting practice. Megan and I watched him shoot.

A violin picture. We have had a lot of music going on around here. I love it!

What did you have going on this week?


SpicingUpIdaho said...

I loved seeing all the fun things you did this week! You stay very busy with your kids and all their homeschooling projects! The mask your daughter made was very cool! And ice skating is so much fun! Great exercise :) Hugs to you today :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

What a fun week.

Abbi said...

Thanks! Yes, Ice skating is good exercise. Hopefully we will get to do it quite a few more times before winter is over. I took our skates to get them sharpened yesterday (and the boys got to do some more skating with friends) and so we are really ready to skate now.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Wow! My week wasn't nearly as interesting as yours. You live a very full life with your lovely family. I have one child, whom I homeschooled 7th - 12th grades. He's almost 40 now with two children of his own. I'm glad I had that special time at home with him. Thanks for visiting my blog. It brought me here and I've enjoyed reading about your life. God bless you. xo Nancy

Abbi said...

That was pictures from two weeks which made it so there was more going on. :-) That is cool that you homeschooled your son. I am also nearly 40 and was homeschooled. I got to start being homeschooled in 1st grade and loved it. My husband was also homeschooled. It is always fun to hear of others who were homeschooling in that era.


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