Sunday, February 19, 2017

This Week In Pictures

 Sunday evening Aaron and Megan managed to get a brush pile burning that we had wanted to get burned up before the snow was gone. I had tried to start in on Saturday but it went out but they were persistent and got it going. We roasted brats and hotdogs for supper on it.
 Megan made this cute "doily" for a valentine's decoration.
 Waffles with raspberry sauce for breakfast on Valetine's day. Yummy!
 We offered babysitting services to several young families at church for Valentine's day. This was our lunchtime party that we had while the parents were out.
 A fun time was had by all.
 In the evening we had this special nephew of mine come to spend some time with us while his parents went out. I had fun playing the piano with him on my lap. I did that for many hours with his mom when she was that age and younger too. We were going to watch a couple of other kids in the evening as well but one of them got sick so that family stayed home. Ken and I had gone on a date on Sunday afternoon so we decided to have a special Valentine's day in other ways. We did have special meals and then of course a bunch of special company.
 My cowgirl practicing the piano.
 Then we made some baskets. This is just a picture of the beginning stages. I will have a post about my basket soon. I love the way it turned out.
 On Thursday we went ice skating again - Aaron, Megan and I, while the older two kids were at drivers training. It was really warm and lovely out but we also experienced slushy ice.
 A track in our driveway.
 It is fun to hear the water running outside as the snow melts off the roof. Yesterday it got up above 50 degrees!
Our simple supper of Ham and Beans with cornbread and tea. It was fun to see how excited the kids were about this supper.

How was your week? Were there any special memories made?


Amy and Mark said...

Your beautiful snow posts make me wish for winter weather here. We have had an extremely mild winter here! We had a bit of snow before Christmas but today the high is 75 degrees! Whew! My children are really hoping for a bit more snow this season!

Abbi said...

I do enjoy our snow too but having 75 degrees and going to the beach also sounds fun. :-)

SpicingUpIdaho said...

Oh how sweet of your family to bless other families by watching the children for them! What a blessing your family is to so many! And how many times I've played the piano with little ones too, such a special way to teach them to love music! Love the sweet cowgirl practicing too... you have had a very lovely week indeed, pray you continue to enjoy nice warm melting snow weather this week ! Hugs to you today :)

Abbi said...

In our desire to bless others we also felt very blessed. Isn't that the way it usually works!!? :-) That is fun that you also have spent much time playing the piano with a little one - I agree, it is a fun way to help them learn to appreciate music.


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