Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Windstorm

 Last week one of the big events was a rain storm with high winds. We were on my way to my parents when it started and then were there for a while. When we came home this is what we saw. Some new arches for our driveway. We were super blessed that they didn't hit the house as the one did come close.
 I am always sorry to loose trees but I was very thankful that the house was spared and really the poplar tree wasn't that exciting and the oak was close to the driveway and had been hit before so people might appreciate it being gone. Our cat, Mr. Sippi thought it made a wonderful playground.
The kids did too. After Ken had cut the poplar tree then the oak was free to move and they could pull it back (the bending over part) and up the driveway and then somebody would grap hold and the others would let go and it would swing them.  They thought it was great fun.

We also lost the top part of a dead tree in the back yard. Again I was super thankful. This one also could have hit the house but it went the other direction. When we previously talked about how we were going to get rid of this dead tree I was concerned it would take out some birch trees when we cut it - but it didn't bother them at all. God is so good to us.

Have you had any severe storms where you live this summer?


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I'm so thankful along with you nothing damaged the home!

Abbi said...

God is good!

Carmen N said...

Wow - you were lucky nothing hit the house. This has been a bad year for storms. We lost one of our plum trees earlier this summer because of wind, and we have had so much rain the mosquitoes are THICK!

Abbi said...

We have been very happy that the mosquitoes have not been very bad here this year. We are thankful!


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