Thursday, July 27, 2017

What Do I Have In My Hand? - MILK-

Something that we are very blessed with is my parents sharing their goats milk with us each Summer and Fall (and in Spring some too - basically just not in Winter). I really appreciate having that healthy option and also it saves us a bunch of money as we like Milk and Milk products. Ken hasn't brought himself to developing a taste for Goat's milk for drinking (so we still buy some cow's milk) but I use it in all my cooking and the kids and I also drink it.

  We have been getting more than we need to drink recently so I have been trying to do other things with it.

 Last night it went into a very yummy quiche that is in the background of the picture above.
I also made chocolate pudding yesterday. Some of it I will freeze into pudding pops, some we have eaten and I made some into a pie.

  Something I am have the most fun with just now is cheese making. I am attempting aged cheese for the first time. I found  a simple recipe in my Amish cookbook and I am giving it a try.
 Here is my curd.
 Currently it is sitting in my very fancy cheese press (the bucket with holes in the bottom) with my fancy weight (the rock) on top.

 I also canned a whole cannerful of milk this evening. We did that last year (like 20 plus quarts) and we used it all up and wished we would have canned more.

  I have also been using some of the older milk to soak the chicken feed in. It gives them additional nutrition.

What do you or would you do with extra milk if you have(had) it?

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