Monday, July 17, 2017

Family Olympics

Megan trying out archery
 On Monday nights we like to have family time at our place. We have that night set aside where we try not to schedule anything with anybody else and we just have fun together. This family night we were missing Mara and we do have my niece and nephew staying with us so they got to be in on the fun too.

  Last week somehow in our visiting we came up with the idea of having some competitions on Family night. So the plan was that everybody could choose 3 events and then we would all compete in them. In the end we didn't have 3 events chosen by each person as we didn't have time and a thunderstorm came up before we managed to do our water sports. We did however have a fun time.

  The competitions that were held were:
- Chase Kitchi (our dog) and get item away from him. This is a challenging game that he loves to play. Megan and Jonathan had to split this point as Megan was the one who tackled him and then Jonathan grabbed the item out of his mouth.
-Tomahawk throwing
-A sprint
-The game of lightening (shooting baskets)
-Hopscotch (timed)
-Racing while balancing a book on our head.
- Doing a gymnastic bridge (I can't - I tried) and holding it the longest and the highest.
-Spelling bee
-State Capital bee

It was the night for 13 year olds as Aaron won with 4.5 points and Beatrice came in second with 3 points.

Gregory throwing the tomahawk.
 The events that we didn't get to were:
- Kayak race (timed)
-Holding your breath under water the longest.
-Swimming race
-Drawing a house while holding the paper on a book on top of your head.
-Racing while carrying heavy weights.
-Tree climbing
-A don't get wet challenge that requires the contestant to stay in a certain area while all the others have one bucket of water each to throw at him/her.


The scoreboard
And I was kicked out first on the spelling bee. How horrible is that!!!?

We had a lot of fun. This might need to be repeated some other time.


Kelly-Anne said...

Oh, this sounds like such fun!
What a lovely idea...
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, lovely to have you stop by!
Blessings in Christ,

Amy and Mark said...

How fun! What a great use of family time!

Abbi said...

Thanks so much! We did have a lot of fun

Carmen N said...

What a fun idea! We could add "catch the bunnies" as we have an abundance of them around her lately :)

Abbi said...

Catching bunnies (especially wild ones) sounds like a challenging sport. :-) Around a month ago one of our bunnies escaped while we were out of town and we thought we had lost her for good. Then a week later our neighbor called and said she had a bunny that wasn't acting all that scared hanging out by her while she was trimming her bushes. The bunny was eating the trimmings. That particular bunny looked a lot like a wild one but she didn't think it was acting like a wild one. I figured it must be Ruth. Megan and I were the only ones home at the time so we went over to catch her. Only Ruth didn't really feel like being caught again. We had quite the chase but finally we prevailed. She and her sister did seem very happy to be together once again.

Carmen, I can know longer get to your blog from your profile. Did you change things and make your blog private?


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