Sunday, October 7, 2018

Don't Buy It

October 7th. Thanks for joining me for another post on Decluttering and Simplifying!

  I feel like perhaps I have talked about the idea of not buying to much and perhaps any frequent reader might be tired of it. But I think it is a super important concept when it comes to having less clutter in our homes and simplifying.

 Now, I do buy things from time to time and I am sure you will need to as well. However I think almost every American (me included) could buy a lot less, especially of non-consumable items. If we watch any TV, check our mail, look in a newspaper, look at a sign, listen to the radio or go online we are inundated with the idea that we need something that we don't have. But we need to question that very hard. Let's not allow ourselves to be influenced by what others think we need but rather just practically look at what we truly do need.

  Here are some ways that I have found helpful for buying less:

  • Try to space out your shopping trips as long as you can. The less often you are in the store the less you will be tempted to buy something. Also, you can save time by shopping less often.
  • Don't go to second hand stores or garage sales unless you have something that you actually need and are specifically looking for.
  • When you think you need something, for instance a couple of weeks ago our crock-pot broke and I think I want to get another one, wait a while before you replace it (whatever it is). See if you have any out of the box ways to do without it. Maybe something will actually work just as well or even better. I don't really think that will happen with the crockpot but I know when the thermos that I used to make yogurt in went bad I actually figured out a different way to make yogurt that I like better now.
  • I have found it very helpful in the past to have times when I try to go without buying anything for a month or months. I really like these challenges, they stretch me and help me to think more creatively and I find them fun. I know that isn't true for everybody but ff you are like me that might be fun for you.
  • Give thanks to God over and over again for what you do have. This is really helpful for making you feel more contented. When you are contented you don't usually feel like you need a lot more.
  Do you have any tips that have helped you to buy less? I would love to hear!


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Amy and Mark said...

This is something I am REALLY working on! I have always had a hard time resisting yard sales and this whole year I have only been to one! A homeschool family advertised their sale, with pictures, and I could see that a wishlist item from my daughter's birthday list was in the picture. I messaged the seller and had her hold the book set for me. I did not buy anything else. I feel like avoiding sales this year has saved us around $30 and countless items we didn't need. Working on avoiding the clearance section at our local stores as well.

Abbi said...

Amy, That is cool! Your use for a garage sale was great. They can be great when you do need something and find it there the problem lies when we buy things that we don't need which can be so easy to do.


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