Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Give Yourself Permission to Just Do Part

Thanks for joining me again for my 31 days of Decluttering and Simplifying at Proverbs 31 Living!

I just wanted to share a quick tip that has helped me in this journey....

 Often decluttering can seem overwhelming if we have an area that is pretty bad. You wonder where to even begin. If I do begin how am I going to get stopped again? Do I really have time for this? Maybe I should just forget about this project and do something simpler???

  Something that I have found helpful when I face situations like that is to allow myself to just say I will do part of it. I am not telling myself I am going to do the whole project right now. No. I am just going to do something.

Here are some different methods I sometimes use:

  I set a timer (for say 30 minutes) and I work as hard and fast as I can during that time and when that time is up I am free to be done for the day. I do find that I often will get into the job and not really want to quit when the timer goes of. If I truly have more time that is wonderful I can just keep going but sometimes I need to move on and do something else. That is okay, at least I got started and I got something done.

  I set a goal. I tell myself I only need to work at this until I find 10 items to get rid of. Again I will often get into it and keep going but even if I only got rid of 10 items that day progress was still made.

  I break it up into smaller portions. For those big overwhelming projects another thing that I have often done is to break it up into segments. Often there are shelves, boxes or baskets that are part of the big section, I can plan on doing one of those segments and then leave the rest for another day.

Those methods all work for me to help me to get going on tackling the big projects. I hope they might be helpful for you as well!

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