Thursday, October 29, 2009

Double Duty Kitchen Ware

I don't have a very big kitchen but I use it a lot (Pretty nearly all our meals are at home and from scratch) so it is pretty full! Therefore I was quite excited to find extra uses for some of my dishes. Here is the story....

Have you seen those pretty cake plates, you know the glass ones on a pedestal that have a pretty glass lid that covers the round layer cake? Well my sister got one last month and I was admiring it because it just looks so elegant and pretty. However, I decided that I wouldn't want to get one because I don't make round layer cakes very often and I simply don't have room for any more items, especially ones that are rarely used!

Then came Aaron's birthday, and what do you know? He wanted a round layer cake (A smiley face cake!). Well I decided to put it on the glass platter that I have. (I was blessed with some beautiful platters as wedding presents- which thankfully can stack up so they don't take a lot of space.) Then I was trying to figure out what to cover it with and I noticed my clear glass bowl was about the right size.

So I tried it and it worked.

I was so happy because not only did it cover it but I think it looks elegant and almost like it was meant to be. I also thought about stacking it on a vase or something, but in the short time that I ended up having I wasn't able to find one that worked just right, after all I did want it to be sturdy so no cake and glass dishes would come crashing down.

The cool thing is.... I am using things I already have, no more cupboard space required and it doesn't cost me anything!
While I am mentioning double uses for items I thought I should mention that I don't have round cake pans either. I use my casserole dish- both the lid and the bottom to make two round cakes. It works great and again I really appreciate having two uses for one item -taking less space.
Do you have kitchen items (or any other items for that matter) that you use for their intended purpose and for another way as well, getting double duty out of them? I would love to hear your tips!
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Miranda said...

To make a cake stand you can take a glass or a tumbler or a vase with a wide mouth, turn it upside down and place a plate or small platter on top of it. I've even seem them use an upside down teacup and a small plate on top as a cake stand for cupcakes or mini cupcakes.

Mom2fur said...

That's a great multi-tasker idea, especially since the bowl is clear and you can see the cute cake through it!

Tara said...

I think it looks great just like that! We live in a 700 sq ft home and 1/6th of it is my kitchen/dining area. So I've become queen of multi-purpose items :). I use pie pans for quick breads and casseroles. A good old 4 quart pot serves as a rice cooker ;) extra frying pan etc. Our glass pyrex containers w/plastic lids as well as large mugs are used as cereal/soup bowls.

It's amazing how little you can do with when you need to.

TopazTook said...

That use of your glass casserole dish for round cake pans is just so simple, and so brilliant, that I cannot believe it had not occurred to me before. (I haven't made round cakes, because I don't have round cake pans...) After I'm done giving myself a few mental headsmacks, I may just have to look through my cake recipes again. Thanks!


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