Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A meaty project

Most of the projects I tell about are stuff like sewing, crafting, you know pretty sort of stuff. Well that wasn't the sort of thing I was working on today - so that's not what I am telling about either.

My parents live on a hobby farm where they grow the majority of their produce, raise animals for milk and eggs as well as raising all (or around 99%) of their own meat. When you raise your own meat of course butchering happens too. That is done for the most part in the fall and we have been invited out to join them for several days worth.

Growing up I naturally got to help out with butchering as that was just part of life. I was a bit squeamish and didn't enjoy it all that much but it was part of life. I can't say that it is my favorite job yet but I do enjoy seeing animals raised in a good way (naturally) so that we can have good meat to eat. My parents are very gracious to share meat with us and I appreciate good wholesome chicken and goat. (We also butchered a pig this year that some friends wanted to get rid of.)

This week the animals butchered were goats (which tastes a lot like a beef/venison mixture if you were wondering). On the goats Dad does the outside work and as we were making lots of hamburger the rest of us did a lot of cutting meat off of the bones and then Dad sent it through his meat grinder.

After coming home with a bunch of hamburger, I browned a whole pan full (some to use for supper and some to freeze for later.

I also put some of the bones on to cook up to make broth from. I filled the pan with water, added about 1/2 cup of vinegar and onions, garlic and salt.
It wasn't the prettiest project but it is one that will help to keep our family fed!


Jackie said...

I have never tried goat meat. How awesome that your parents are so self-sufficient. We were given 2 deer last year and it has been a real blessing to have plenty of meat in the freezer.

martha said...

Hey, I found out a really yummy way to make stock. First bake your bones and whatever and herbs and some water and after it's all cooked then boil it. More of a pot roast taste for the broth.

Christy said...

I am envious - I wish my parents had a hobby farm - I guess it is up to us to start one. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Martha.....Thank-you for the roasting suggestion on the meat! I am going to try it. I haven't been super satisfied with my boiled broth. .....What about you Abbi....Don't you think this is worth a try? mom

Abbi said...

That might be worth a try. Especially if I am using the oven for something else anyway. I am satisfied with the broth however. It tasted pretty good in gravy.


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