Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When our family gets sick we prefer not to go to the Doctor unless absolutely necessary. So in our house I get to be Doctor and Nurse rolled into one. Sometimes, I admit, my care consists mostly of "ignore it and hope it will go away soon!" but other times when it seems like more is needed it we try a variety of remedies.

This past week I had a couple of sick kids (the younger 2) and they really got hit with the bug. They ran fevers, were achy, had runny noses, didn't want to eat, were really tired and then it went in their chest and they started coughing and had sore throats. It was pretty much everything but vomit and diarrhea (and I am always very happy when that doesn't bother to come to our house!!!).

So I started thinking of what we should do to try to help them get better, I read out of books, and sought advice. Here is how the patients got treated:
  • Lots of rest. Bodies need rest to heal. Nap times were enforced and they slept! We also tried to make them comfortable on the couch when they wanted to be around people and often the would drift off to sleep there.
  • Lots of clear liquids. We didn't want any dehydration and we also wanted to keep there insides cleaned out so they drank lots of water, some juice, tea and hot honey lemonade.
  • Pray! This is most important and helpful. It works!
  • Massages. Massage not only makes the patient feel better but can also aid in healing. I rubbed them down with baby oil and R.C. essential oil. (It contains Myrtle, Eucalyptus, globulus, E. australiana, E. radiata, Marjoram, Pine, Cypress, Lavender, Spruce, Peppermint and E. citriodora) The essential oil is supposed to help relieve congestion.
  • Steamy baths. This helps to to loosen up the gunk in their chests. (Now that sounds like a Dr. talking doesn't it!!) I also put a few drops of R.C. oil in the bathwater.
  • Zinc and vitamin C.
  • Chicken Soup. Chicken soup is proved to be helpful in healing so I pulled out some of the chicken broth (with some meat) that I had made from natural chickens and frozen and made some soup. In the soup I also put other healthy ingredients to help with the healing. Such as:
  • Garlic. This helps strengthen our immune system. Not only did we have it in our soup but I made garlic bread to go with it. I am quite sure our breath didn't smell to go that night! Thankfully we were sticking around home.
  • Thyme. I seasoned our soup with it as it is supposed to help get rid of congestion too.
  • Onions. You can read about the health value here.
Thanks be to God that the children are feeling much better now (just a little cough now and then and Aaron's nose is still pretty raw!). Using natural remedies instead of going to the Dr. or using over the counter remedies certainly Works for me! I would love to hear what you find essential as natural remedies!

Disclaimer~ I am not a Dr. and do not claim to have any authority in the health care field. The things mentioned above worked well for us but I take no responsibility for the health of your family if you choose to try them.


Christy said...

Way to go Dr. Mom! I am sure it was the love that helped the most!

Allyson Kellner said...

Great advice! I'm curious about the R.C. Essential oil. Where do you get it?

{ L } said...

Very good advice! Thank you so much.

Miranda said...

Where do you find the R.C. oil? I use a combo of peppermint, tea tree, rosemary, and eucalyptus. We also run a humidifier with a few drops of EO in the water.
If the kids have a headache we warm a corn/rice pillow in the microwave just until barely warm and place on the point of the headache, ex. forehead, base of the neck, etc. The weight of the pillow provides counter-pressure and helps lessen the pain.
Great tips!!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Timely post...

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this!

I love finding out new things from my fellow bloggers especially when it can save me some money.


Stop by and see me over at Free 2 Be Frugal sometime.

Tracey said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas! When my oldest daughter was sick with a fever and sore throat last week, I made it a point to push lots of liquids and gave her chicken noodle soup for lunch. I think it helped as her sickness was pretty short-lived. Now I have some other ideas to try!

martha said...

Yup, We do those things too. We enjoy homemade fresh Chai too. Also a chicken and fresh veggie stir fry was another way we got a bunch of garlic and onion etc.

Abbi said...

Thanks for all your comments and also your additional tips!!

Concerning the R.C. essential oil- my mother-in-law gave it to us but it is a "Young Living" product and when I googled it I found it here: where it is $25.99 for 15 ml.

I also found it available on E-bay for a little cheaper.


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