Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Northwoods stamped wall border

One of my recent projects was actually a group project. Several of us women worked together to stamp a border on the wall in the Men's bathroom at church. (you can see some in progress pictures here)

The project didn't end up being quite as simple to do as we first thought, (Painting lines on walls is a challenge, the stamps liked to smear...) but we had fun. It isn't perfect (which you can tell in the picture) but it looks nice and makes the room look more decorated and not so plain.
Stamped borders are really quite cheap to do as they simply take stamps (we used a Stampin' up set that we borrowed from my sister) and acrylic paints that you can buy very inexpensively at places like Walmart. This project took several hours to do (with several women working ) but some designs and stamps will go much faster. I think the sponge stamps actually stamp on walls much better then the more expensive rubber stamps. (You can see pictures of the time I did stamping on the walls using sponge stamps here.)
Have you ever stamped on walls? What are your thoughts on it?


Nola said...

Hi- I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now (ever since you did a guest post at Keeper of the Home) and I have really been enjoying reading. Lots of very encouraging things here. Thank you for sharing, it is a big blessing to me. I just haven't taken the time to comment- but hopefully you will see me commenting now and then.

This idea looks very neat. I'm at a life stage right now with little ones that doesn't allow for much of this type of decorating stuff- but I long to do more of it. I will have to file this idea away for later. It looks great!

Jackie said...

Your wall looks great! I am not sure I have the patience for that kind of a project, but appreciate the hard work you did.


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