Monday, November 8, 2010

Have a Handmade Christmas ~Week 4

   Well the days are getting cooler, the harvesting is over and the election is over and it is now the perfect time for us to work on projects. We have been having fun filling up our shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. I thought I would tell you about a few more items that are going into ours. They would also work just fine for gifts over here too.

This year I thought it would be fun to make bags to go in each of the boxes. It would be a nice way for them to carry all of their new things. The first bag I made is for the box Megan is sending. We used a cute kitty printed fabric.

 The bag was super easy to make and didn't take long at all. To make it I cut a piece of fabric 14" x 23". I folded it in half, right sides together and sewed up the side and bottom using a 1/2 inch seam.

Next I folded the bottom corners like pictured below and sewed across them and then cut the corner off. This allows the bag to have a flat bottom.

The next step was to take some wide ribbon and fold it over the top edge and sew it on. This finished the edge very prettily and easily. Then I cut a long strip of ribbon for the strap and sewed it securely on each side.

The final touch for to make a bow from the ribbon and sew it on. I don't usually use that much ribbon but I really liked how simple it made the project. I also like the finished look.

 My next project was a little art case to hold markers, crayons and a notepad. I had enough of the kitty fabric to make this as well. I had never made anything just like this before so I was winging it but it ended up turning out fine though I might make a few adjustments if I make another one.

To make it I cut out the following items: a 13"x17" piece of fabric, a 17" x 6" fabric, 5 1/2" x 6" fabric, 2 - 8" ribbons and a 6" x 9" contrasting fabric. I also used around 12" more of ribbon.

 With the large piece of fabric cut one half of the fabric into thirds as pictured above. One side remains full and the other side is three strips.
 Next cut 1 inch off of each side "strip" and then fold it over twice and hem it.
Then fold the side strips up on to the upper part, right sides together as shown.
 Then lay the 17" x 6" piece of fabric over the top and pin in place. (like shown) In the middle pin one of the pieces of ribbon on in between the two fabrics to make a handle. Sew around the raw edges (3 sides)

Place the other piece of ribbon in the piece of fabric that is sticking out on the bottom (opposite of the other ribbon) and then put the 5 1/2" x 6" piece of fabric (right sides together) on top and pin it in place. Sew around the 3 sides.

Now turn the fabric so the right side is out. It makes it so each flap has a pocket on it.
 Now take the contrasting fabric and take a small hem on each end. Then fold the raw edges under and pin it on as shown.
To cover the raw edges in the long section cover with ribbon and pin in place. Sew in place.

Next step is to divide the side flap pockets into sections to hold markers, crayons or whatever you desire.
 For the middle pockets we decided to make a pad of paper from some pink paper we had. I stapled them together and then hot glued extra ribbon over the top and added a little bow. That when in the middle pocket on one side along with a pen and crayons are on the other side.

To transport this little art case you simply fold the side flaps in, fold the two halves together and grab the handles. It works pretty good. I hope the little girl over in Haiti or Africa or wherever she may be, enjoys it.

My next project that only took a very little time was a drawstring backpack to go in Jonathan's box. I was so happy with how easy it was. I looked at one that we had and copied it. But I found this link online so I don't have to go through all the steps here on how to make it. I hope you enjoy it if you try it! I think I am going to make one of these (though in different fabrics) for Mara and Aaron's boxes too.
Now it is your turn!!
Please link up your projects too! I love looking at all of them and getting wonderful ideas. Thanks so much to all of you who have come and linked up.

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handsdelight said...

Great idea. Don't know if I'm skilled enough for that but I think it's a great idea and wanted to say so.

Susan said...

I like this idea, thanks for sharing it.

Will be hooking up next week for Handmade Christmas. Just have to find out what I want to make. :)

Have a good week!

Nola said...

What great ideas!

Greg and Donna said...

I love the ideas for homemade items for the boxes! We did a pillowcase dress and some placemat purses for ours. I really like the little backpack idea. I'll have to copy the link and make some for next year! I did a post today on Operation Christmas Child at my blog, if you want to read it. Great ministry for the family to get involved with. Thanks for all the neat ideas!

Abbi said...

Thanks everybody!

Jackie said...

Your bags look great and so does your art caddy. You are always so creative. Thanks for sharing!


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