Saturday, March 19, 2011


My kids (family actually because Ken and I do too) love to celebrate! It doesn't matter if it is a birthday or a holiday doing something special to celebrate is always fun. With my kids at least the celebration doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, just something that makes it out of the ordinary and special makes them very excited and happy.

  Yesterday was Saint Patrick's Day. Well we aren't Catholic or Irish and it could be a day that is very easily passed by and it really has no significance to us. But my sister Martha's birthday is on that day and ever since she was born it has been a special day for us and we have tended to wear green and pinch anybody that didn't.

 Yesterday when I got up I remembered it was Martha's birthday but didn't happen to think about the wearing of green and so I didn't. Come breakfast time Ken came up with a green shirt on and reminded us (me with a pinch!) that green was the color for the day.


In the afternoon the kids thought it would be fun to have a special supper. I already had pizza on the menu but decided I could make it into a 4 leaf clover shape and Megan thought broccoli on top would help to make it green and we also used food coloring to make the cheese a bit green as well. For supper we also ate a green salad and apple juice which was our pot of gold. We had fun having a green table which I placed our shamrock in the middle of for our centerpiece. Mara made a Chocolate cake with green mint frosting for dessert.

All of our activities were easy using things we had close at hand but yet it was special and fun.

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring so we are trying to think of fun ways to celebrate that.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love your pizza. What a great idea!

Travis said...

Fun ideas. I totally missed St Patrick's day this year. I felt really bad because it is silly and fun and it is fun to celebrate in simple ways. (I did remember Martha's birthday though :)

angie said...

We also love to plan our dinners around a special occasion. On St. Pat's day, I clustered green grapes on a plate in the shape of a shamrock. We also had potato soup, the staple of Irish cooking. I put a green towel in the bottom of the bread basket. But we passed by the Irish soda bread at the grocery store in favor of a baquette. I didn't think we would like it. My daughter does traditional Irish dancing.


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