Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More sweaters...

 A couple of weeks ago while I was on my sweater making spree I quickly made this newborn one above for little Sunita. Her mom was bemoaning the fact that winter babies don't have many dresses and most of what she did have were short sleeved. I figured a little cardigan would be a great solution and decided to work this one up quickly for her.

  I ended up using two different green yarns that I thought were the same color. They look like they are too in every lighting we have had them in until I looked at the sweater through the lens of my camera- then they look different. Oh well!!
 Here is baby Sunita using it. Her grandma had sewn her a green and pink dress and they worked perfectly together.
 I used this cardigan pattern again but I really changed it by flaring it a little under the armpits and changing the stitch style too. I also choose to only have it have two top buttons.

I also used that same sweater pattern but on a smaller scale and connected it up the front to make a pullover sweater for my niece's American Girl doll.
Oh I do love fast crocheting projects. I am now trying to finish up an old project of a baby boy's sweater. I started it using really thin yarn and it is going pretty slowly. I think I do really prefer using bigger yarn, at least for the ease of making things!

Have you been making anything lately?

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