Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are so blessed!

 "How blessed is everyone who fears the Lord,
Who walks in His ways.
When you shall eat the fruit of your hands,
You will be happy and it will be well with you."
Psalm 128: 1 & 2

We are very blessed! I haven't paused in February to blog about some of the things I am thankful for so I want to do that today!

#758 Waking up to the sound of a Chickadee singing his spring call. I love that sound!

#759 Not using up much propane this winter- it doesn't look like we are even going to need to fill the tank ever. We are staying warm too- The sunshine streams in our windows and heats up the house even when the temperature is below zero outside. (We do also use some electric baseboard heat using "ripple" electricity which is much cheaper.)
#760 Getting to see family from far away. They came to visit!
#761 Cousins who enjoy story time.
#762 Molly Bea- A faithful reader of books to children.

#763 A fun tour of the police station with the kids even getting to turn on lights in the police car.
#764 A fun homeschool get-together and an entertaining reading of the history of Valentine's day.
#765 Getting to see Aliens. (Otherwise known as my brother, sister, brother-in-law and nephew)
#766 Laughter.
#767 A bunch of helpers to get ready for the bridal show.
don't try this at home!
#768 Entertainment by my brother-in-laws mother.
#769 More laughter. :-)
#770 A successful Bridal show.
#771 A great helper! (Mara loves to join me at the shows and I appreciate her great help.)
#772 Lots of flowers to decorate my house with afterwards. (And to share!)
#773 Music making fun.
#774 A friend who volunteered to teach the boys drum lessons.
#775 Boys that love to learn!

#776 Fun times skiing.
#777 The thrill of the ski lift. I was reminded of that again this time as I took Aaron up for his first time.
#778 Safety! Though we really enjoy skiing we are reminded that it can be dangerous. We were saddened to hear of a death of a novice skier at a slope near here recently.

#779 A fireplace to warm up our cold hands at. We went skiing in below zero weather and it was a bit chilly.
#780 Getting to watch the Sunset.
#781 Sunshiny days.
#782 So many wonderful things to learn!
#783 Naps and quiet rest times.
#784 Books.
#785 God's patience with me!


James said...

I always love reading your lists. Looks like you have been having some fun family times.

Martha said...

Airheads, not aliens.:) Enjoyed reading your home a haven posts as well as this thankful one.


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