Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dressing in a way that pleases your husband

Have you been working to strengthen your marriage lately? I hope so, and if not don't be afraid to join in today!

 Today's subject is one that I have been thinking a bit about lately. The topic that I thought I would talk about is concerning the way we dress. Are we dressing in a way that please our husband, in a way that he finds attractive?

 I'll admit I am not always that great at this. I think I can use some work in this area. I have certain styles that I like and Ken has his own ideas and not always do our ideas mesh very well. It isn't like it is this big deal but really isn't it more important to please my husband than to worry about looking just the way I like? I do think so - I plan on working on this area.

 My mom has been a good example to me in this area as I can remember quite a few times her mentioning that some outfit that she wore was one that Dad likes or a style that he likes. I think it really shows consideration to our husband when we dress in a way that they appreciate.

  Obviously - use common sense with this principle- your husband might enjoy seeing you scantily dressed but that should be saved for private times alone not for all to see!

What are your thoughts on this subject? Do you show honor, love and respect to your husband through the way you dress? Could you improve in this area?


Amelia said...

This is very good. My husband likes my hair clipped back romantically. I have asked about colors too for tops etc. and he tells me honestly. He enjoys makeup, and enjoys with me my 40s earrings or little quirky old fashioned likes when I call attention to the history of it all. ...He doesn't like my Beatrix Potter style hat much though. ; ) So my hat will have to be a daytime thing for some sort of outing....And that's okay with me if that's one of the only things he doesn't like, I won't complain!

I'm blessed since my husband and I pretty much agree on things.

Great entry. Blessings to you and your family Abbi!

angie said...

I often return clothing that my husband has purchased for me. I think a good compromise would be for us to go shopping together and ask his advice on things as I try them on.

pressingonjournal said...

I found out my husband likes me in the color purple, so I wear a lot of that color. :)

Greg and Donna said...

When my daughters and I switched to dresses only, it was more my longing from what I had been studying in the Bible. We did the switch with his full approval and the promise I would stay within our monthly budget. Now, he notices and compliments our modesty. And he also likes my/our hair longer. So, we do dress to please him.

Jen Hen said...

I've asked my hubby about this and all he ever says is that I always look good to him. I know he prefers my hair long, so I keep it that way. I'll dress up for him here and there, but he'll come home when I haven't brushed my hair and am wearing ratty clothes and tell me I look good! I think he just likes me to mix it up and not look the same all the time.

Abbi said...

I loved hearing all of your input! I was so encouraged to know that this is something that you work towards as well!


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