Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Loving being at home

Megan learning how to crochet a hotpad out of some strips she had cut from an old sweatshirt.
This kept her busy much of the afternoon and she loved it!
 Today we had one of those afternoons that reminded me of how much I love the lifestyle we have chosen to live. One that is bit more laid back than many, one where we all (except Ken who does go off to work) stay home most of the time, one where we can find much fulfillment and enjoyment in simple pleasures.

I thought it would be fun to share a few snapshots of this afternoon with you all.

The boys took advantage of this warm afternoon and headed out to place some baseball in the driveway.
 Jonathan also spent some time in the kitchen making no bake granola bars. He loves to make things like that!
I had fun playing and singing some songs from an old Cathedral book that I have.

 I also enjoyed getting to spend some time just reading. The subject matter of my book (UN Agenda 21) was not so enjoyable but something I am realizing is very important to be informed about. It is - and will continue to - affecting us and it is NOT good! Anyway, having time to read is fun and sometimes it is necessary as well even if it isn't "fun" reading.

 Mara spent part of her afternoon doing Spanish lessons and writing e-mails.

 We have been having some beautiful weather lately. Here are some pictures from yesterday afternoon as well - The kids made a couple of snowbears.

 I hope you are having a lovely end of February too!

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Anonymous said...

Love the snow bears!

Jo Ann in VA


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