Thursday, February 7, 2013

Encouraging your husband in his talents

 Well I didn't get this post up yesterday as planned. The day ended up being much busier than I anticipated. Today was busy as well so I now just getting to writing.

  One of the ways that I was thinking about this week concerning strengthening my marriage is the need and benefit of encouraging your husband in whatever talents that he has.

  God created each and every one of us with our own special set of talents and gifts, my husband and your husband included. Everybody can use encouragement and especially encouragement in replacement of discouragement. I think pretty much everybody faces some sort of insecurity (though perhaps we never noticed it) about something in their life (Even our husbands!) and encouragement can help them greatly.

   I was thinking on this topic because I was thinking about all the ways that my husband is involved with community leadership. He is very good at what he does and mostly I do simply encourage him but once and while when he is gone (for instance yesterday he was gone all day -6 am to after 11 pm- for a special community day at the Capital) and I am missing him and I think -" oh sometimes I wish he wasn't so busy, etc." Also sometimes he works on things at home that go along with the things he is talented in and he doesn't have time to do other things with us and again I will kind of wish that he wasn't so busy.

  I am sure this quite likely happens in most homes. Sometimes we may wish that our spouse didn't have so many talents and we could just have them all to ourselves. And while some spouses might go overboard concerning working on their talents and maybe you should respectfully ask that they spend more time with the family - most - my husband included do a pretty good job of balancing their lives and what we need to do is encourage (and possibly help them with) their talents. Whether their talents are community leadership (my husband), helping people fix plumbing problems and other fix-it projects (my brother-in-law), playing in a band, or writing books, etc.. They do need our encouragement (and possibly our help) and I think it will strengthen our marriages when we encourage them.

  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Also any tips you have for encouraging godly marriages would be very appreciated!

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Lydia said...

I like this! My husband is a nurse, so sometimes I feel disconnected from his job. And rightfully so. I need to still do my best to encourage him in the job that he does. Thank for the reminder!


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