Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Write Love Notes

 Something that has been part of our relationship since the very beginning has been notes to each other. I guess we both kind of like to write and it was a fun and frugal way to show our affection for each other.

  When we were dating we would sometimes put them on each others cars at work or slip them here or there so that they would be found later. We have continued to do that now and then throughout our marriage but I have to admit that it has nearly fallen by the wayside. It might be partly that we are better expressing things verbally now (I think that might be true) but mostly I think we have just gotten busy and don't take the time to do it.

   This is a trend that I would like to revive. And not just on Valentines day either (as we do always give each other cards then - Ken is great to remember every occasion like that) but throughout the year. It is even more fun to get I think when you totally aren't expecting it.

  They don't have to be long - Just a simple "I love you and can't wait to spend time with you this evening" or something to that nature would be appreciated or you can tell them something you appreciate about them.

   Lydia, another blogger is doing a special Valentine's Day project where she has been leaving a special note to great her husband each day as he comes home (Feb 1-14) about something she appreciates about him. I think that is pretty fun and I would guess he has really enjoyed it.

  Do you ever give notes to your husband? Have you used that as a way to encourage him?

May your marriages grow stronger each day and Happy Valentines Day to all!

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Becky R said...

When I make my boyfriend lunch I put notes on his sandwiches. I was afraid the guys at work would make fun of him, but they want notes too.


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