Monday, February 18, 2013

Stumbling on Open Ground by Ken Mansfield {A review}

 This book is about Ken Mansfield and his wife Connie.  Earlier in his life Ken was the US Manager for the Beatles but this book is set later on in life after becoming a follower of Jesus (though he does still refer often to his "Rock and Roll/ Beatles background). In this book the main topic is concerning his two times of facing cancer one incurable kind that did go dormant and another one over a decade later that caused him incredible pain as he went through Chemo and Radiation to get rid of it. The focus of this book is dealing with those cancers and growing in his relationship with God.

Here are some of my takes on the book:
  • The "storyline" was a little bit interestingly done with just bits and pieces about his life and more focus on what he talked to God about. He also did a fair amount of jumping back to memories. At the beginning of each chapter his wife Connie had a little section which was more about their actual physical life but those left a lot of details unsaid so it felt like you didn't actually learn much about their life. However that left the focus on his relationship with God and I can appreciate that. It just didn't flow the way I expected it too.
  • I learned more about Cancer and how it can work and made me feel more sympathetic to those that have had to go through it and hopefully those that I come across that are going through it. (And I do hope to skip going through it myself but sometimes wonder if that will come to pass considering how many people in my family have had to face it.)
  • It made me realize once again how very unique everybody is. God made us all our own person with our own needs and desires. As Ken was going through these really tough times he tried to keep the news of it to only a few supportive people. He didn't not want many people knowing about it, asking about it or trying to help as he just wanted peace and quiet. That was not how my Dad was and I know that isn't how I would be but I can imagine some friends of mine that might also prefer it that way. We sure are all made differently.
  • The book was a good reminder of how just because we are seeking God doesn't mean that we won't go through tough times. It was also a reminder of how God is always there for us - even in those tough times!
This is my favorite quote from the book:

  "If I believed He (God) was the Way, the Truth, and the Life, why would I choose any other route than the one he laid out for me? After spending time in His Word, the journey became clearly defined. The question was, do I travel with faith or fear as my companion?" (page 74)

 I doubt this is a book that everybody would enjoy, but I thought it was interesting and I could see it being helpful for people that are going through struggles (especially something like cancer).

Disclaimer: Booksneeze provided me with a free copy of this book for purposes of reviewing. All thoughts shared are my own.

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