Monday, September 30, 2013


I didn't get a scripture posted yesterday as is my usual (We had church, a 14 year old girl's birthday to celebrate and some pears getting mushy fast that needed attention so I ran out of time) but I didn't want to start the week without sharing something from the Bible with you.

  I have been reading in Proverbs lately and this verse is one that I enjoyed reading:

  "Correct your son, and he will give you comfort; he will also delight your soul." Proverbs 29:17

This just reminds me of the importance of carefully training your children. That is something we have tried to do and I am comforted and delighted by my children over and over again. However, I am far from perfect and my child training has been far from perfect as well and I do at times see the result of my failures. However this verse encourages me to keep going, to be diligent, to correct and train my children when they need it and to pray for wisdom in that area on a daily basis!!

  I hope this verse is encouraging to you as well. If you are just starting out in parenting - it is hard to see a lot of results for a while but don't give up!!! The rewards of parenting the way God says to are huge!

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