Sunday, September 15, 2013

Jackpine Retreat

A panoramic view of church this morning
This afternoon we got back from a fun weekend  of camping in Northern (way northern - almost to the border) Minnesota. We went to Jackpine Retreat which is a Rustic Christian Family Camp. I have gone ever since I was a baby and it is something I have always loved and my family loves it too.

  I enjoy spending time with friends and family all of us tied together through Jesus. The fellowship time is always wonderful. I enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors in God's creation, singing together, God's word being shared, game playing, cooking outside and much more. My kids love the freedom to roam, stay up late, get dirty and do a lot of playing.

Here are a few pictures of the weekend:

Some of the girls were running a restaurant on Saturday afternoon and wanted many of the adults to come to their restaurant.  A couple of my friends and I were the first ones to go. We were "fed" all variety of food and had wonderful service.
 A bunch of cousins and a friend shared this tent which got all fixed up pretty.
Singing around the campfire at night.

 Cousins at church this morning.
 Walking on spools is a special Jackpine Retreat sport. We also had a race on them.
Some new and old spool walkers.

We were glad to get home to showers and a warm house but truly loved our weekend there! (Though as far as showers go I did actually get a hot one up there this year as a friend got it fixed.)

 To any of you who live around here you should think about joining us next year! (And for those friends of mine that used to come - it is still worth the trip even if you might live farther away. We sure would love to have you come!)

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