Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sharing your husbands dreams

Last week I wrote about learning to trust both my husband and God concerning the idea of moving. Trusting has been going well and so this week I have been thinking about how much better it is when I share my husbands dreams. There are many dreams that we do share in life but there have also been some we didn't share.

  One of those was the dream of living on the shore of a river or lake (not my dream because it would require moving - not because I am opposed to water) and another dream of Ken's that I can think of at the moment that I don't share is the dream of wanting to own a convertible and drive around in it when we get older (like when the kids have left home).

  As I have been thinking and praying about the moving situation I have been trying to share Ken's dream in that and it is actually rather happening. I am starting to see all the fun things there would be about living near water, the benefits there could be in a new home (especially if we end up designing and building) and so forth. I am actually starting to feel excited about it. Now I won't be unhappy if it doesn't work out and we stay here instead but for now I am having fun dreaming with Ken about houses and property and such like.

  I don't know about you but with me when there is something Ken wanted that I felt would negatively affect me I would tend to hope and probably sometimes even pray that it wouldn't work out. Instead of working to change my attitude about it I would hope that he would change his. Thankfully that hasn't been a lot of things in our life together but there have unfortunately been a few. I am hoping that since I have started to realize what I was doing that I will be able to make a change with the help of the Holy Spirit and not act like that anymore.

   Now concerning Ken's dream of a convertible....
I don't think I am to the point of dreaming about that yet but I have started to realize that some of the reasons I didn't want one were rather lame and really didn't matter that much.

  Do these thoughts make sense to you? Can you relate or share tips on this subject?

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Amy and Mark said...

This was my life this past January! In 2009 when my husband and I married, we moved three hours from where I grew up for his job, which happened to be near his family. We rented for a bit and then bought an old fixer-uper that I loved. Dearly I loved working on that home, swinging on the 100 year old porch, etc It was our first BIG purchase as a married couple, the home we brought our daughter home to, where she lived her first 18 months, etc.
Then in January, Mark found a house in the town he works in, about 30 min from the old house. He prayed on it, I prayed on it. He heard a firm "yes" and I heard nothing. I prayed, I waited, I prayed more. I just never felt sure. But over the month of February, every time I opened my Bible or spoke with a friend or had a quiet moment to listen for that still small voice, I heard "Wives, submit to your husbands." Over and over again I heard it.
Finally, the first week of March, I told Mark what I had been hearing and that week we signed a purchase agreement on the new house.
We rennovated for months and moved in mid-July. The Lord saw fit to send us a happy buyer for the old house and Mark was right, this house, this town is just right for us.
Also, I am planning a garden here next summer...much in thanks to your encouragement through this blog.
Praying for you and your family as you pray on moving. May His Will be done.


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