Friday, February 28, 2014

BIG Tissue Paper Flowers {A fun way to decorate}

One of our upcycled flowers
 The girls and I had fun working on a project last weekend that helped to use up the stash of tissue paper that I had been saving. When we receive a gift wrapped in tissue paper or if flowers come wrapped in it then I will save it as long as it isn't in too bad of shape. I will use it for wrapping other gifts but I saw the idea for big tissue paper flowers and thought it would be fun to use it for that too.

 The girls at work. We did make some of our flowers using new tissue paper too but it was actually handier to use used paper as we needed to have the paper crumpled up.
 We followed the instructions that I had found over on the Style Me Pretty blog. It made for a fun afternoon with my girls.
 I used them as part of the backdrop for my booth at the Bridal Show this past weekend.
 Now we put them up on the wall above Megan's bed. She is laying on the bed reading - a favorite activity of hers.

It might be -25 degrees right now outside tonight (that was the forecast) but inside we are ready for Spring with flowers blooming! :-)

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