Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ready to Race

 Aaron and I have been fighting colds that come with achy/stuffy heads, eyes that water, runny noses and so on. My solution to being sick: Take some long naps, drink lots of tea, drink "fire water" (made with cayenne and vinegar) and eat garlic. His solution: Get outside. "I feel so much better when I am out there".

 Today he talked me into joining him and Jonathan came as well. We found that we actually have cross country ski boots that fit (kind of anyway) all of us and we were pretty happy about that. They are really old hand-me-downs but they work.
 Aaron with his hours outside (he probably was out for at least 5 hours today and quite a bit yesterday and Monday too) has created quite a track. He wanted to do some races so above he and Jonathan were about to get started on a race.
 There they go!

 My head did feel better after that brisk outdoor air.
Have you been getting out to have some fresh air this winter? It might be just the pick me up that you need!

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