Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fixing up a skirt

Today I thought I would tell you about another of our recent clothing modifications - getting rid of the long slits in Mara's skirts. They went up above her knees and made it so the skirt didn't cover so well and so we didn't care for that so we fixed it.

I took some fabric with eyelet lace on one side and pleated it a bit at the and then sewed it in. In hindsight (after Mara has tried walking in the skirt) I should have gathered the fabric up even more as Mara with her really long legs doesn't necessarily take very dainty steps and she finds it tight. But the general concept works well.

Not every item of clothing that gets passed down to us fits the standard of modesty that we like but generally it isn't to hard to do a little modification. Having a little more covering always makes us feel more comfortable and happy so the little bit of time and effort is quite worth it.


Amelia said...

Bravissimo! I love this idea!

This is so great, every time we try to sew the high slits up they always seem to come undone easily or just *look* sewn. This is a wonderful idea! Sooo cute! <3


Abbi said...

Thanks Amelia! It didn't work perfectly (as I mentioned) but I do like the concept. :-)


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