Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pictures of the week

Sunday (of last week) All the girls dressed in purple.
 I had noticed that I haven't been taking all that many pictures lately. I don't like that as I like using photos not only as a way to document our lives but also as an extra way to notice the beauty and the fun things that God has given us in this life. Now of course I can notice things without using a camera but it is a special challenge to notice them through the camera lens.

Here is pictures from this week - except for the first one. I didn't think to take any on Sunday of this week but I had one that we had taken of us the week before on Sunday that I thought would be fun to share.
Monday -Honey for my herbal tea. So yummy when you have a cold!

Tuesday -Sweet Megan headed out to care for the chickens.

Wednesday - Our country of the day was Belarus and
 Mara made us some special bread from there for breakfast.

Thursday - A pretty metal flower that was at a place where we went to a debate.

Friday - The only picture taken this day. Megan decorated our Valentine breakfast table.

Saturday - The beauty of birch trees. Enjoyed while out skiing (for miles!) with the boys.
Did you notice some of the beauty that God put around you this week?


Greg and Donna said...

Oh yes, the beauty of a new grandchild! A little boy to join his big brother!

Abbi said...

A new Grandson sounds very beautiful and oh so very fun too! What miracles from God they are!


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