Wednesday, August 27, 2014

8 Ways to Re-purpose Bed Sheets

 One of the easiest ways to re-purpose bed sheets is to leave them just as they are but then use them for table clothes or curtains or whatever you might need. Not long ago we had a garage sale and since I think it looks much nicer to cover up the tables that you set things on (especially since some of the tables were rather make-shift) many sheets went into action as I don't have oodles of tablecloths laying around.

In one area I used them as backdrops too.

 Next week when I give you the tour of our new home (the garage) you will see that I have put old sheets to work here as well to make room dividers and such.

  Here is a list of other ways that you can re-purpose old bed sheets:

  • Turn the flannel ones into handkerchiefs
  • Make menstrual pads
  • Rag Rugs.
  • For making quilts
  • Making clothes - You should have seen the cute skirt that my sister-in-law wore to church a couple of weeks ago. She had made it from two top sheets and had cut out two squares and cut circles in them and layered them so that the points were in different places on the two layers and then I believe she put elastic in the middle circle to go around her waist. I wish I would have thought to take a picture. You can make many other clothes from sheets as well. A blog reader mentioned making pajamas out of old sheets.
  • Cloth diapers
  • A really cute bedspread.
How would you re-purpose bed sheets?


Amelia said...

I love re-purposing things like this! Great ideas!

I usually put mine in a stack as they wear out for plants in winter or clothes, slips, tops, cloths, whatever.

I did purchase a pink and white stripe sheet from ebay to make a spring dress out of. I figure it was a decent buy, for it will afford me around 9 yards of material! : ) I dreaded the thought of having to purchase at least five yards for this particular dress pattern from a fabric store. This way I spent under ten dollars (not exactly garage sale price but okay) for a clean, soft, pretty sheet and will have plenty of nice material to spare for other sewing projects.

I enjoyed your blog this evening! We can so relate to building in the country!

Blessings to you and your family Abbi, I look forward to the progress! : ) ~Amelia

Abbi said...

Thanks Amelia, for sharing about your sheet projects too - I loved to hear about them!

Thanks for your encouraging words!


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