Monday, August 25, 2014

We Have Moved to Our New Garage

Well our house sold as of 12:30 pm, last Friday. Yeah! On to the new chapter in our lives! Ken jokes that we are homeless - but we aren't really. We don't have a house right now (though the work has begun) but we do have a home - it just happens to be in our garage. We also have an address so homeless we are not!

   Above is our temporary home - and a cozy one it is turning out to be -though a little chilly on nights like this one where the temps are going down into the 40's. That's all right - we have lots of blankets!

  Here are a few photos from the last few days - a little peak of life at our new place. Lord willing I will give you a full tour (showing how exactly we are living in the garage) next week.
 The outdoor kitchen- right outside the door. We are working to figure out ways to keep the mud and dirt (which there is plenty of with all the house digging going on) out. Mulch, stepping "stones" (really tree slices) and mats have helped.
 An outdoor shower was one of our recent projects. I still have a few minor adjustments but it is functional and I am pleased with it. (The photo above is not the finished product!)
 Jonathan put up a rope ladder today which they seem to think has turned them all into circus performers. Much fun has been had.
 My big rag rug has found a new home and made our "living room" much cozier.
 Aaron loves to keep the fire going. Supper of stew (made up of whatever could be found in the fridge) and fried biscuits was very, very yummy on this chilly evening!

The outside door into Megan's attic room (our garage is in a hillside so the back of it is largely buried in dirt). Jonathan installed the door and made the new ladder today. He is such a handy guy to have around!

  Oh we are so glad to have the moving over. Life feels so much more relaxed with the whole camping feel to it and the stress of getting things packed up and the house cleaned up all over. We are so thankful for all the help that we had moving. My parents were (are) amazing and I am so very thankful for them! (Hauling loads, cleaning, unpacking, doing our laundry, feeding us, taking care of our birds and the list goes on and on.) We also continue to be so thankful for our great new neighbors who are so interested in us and let us get water from their place, offer us firewood, storage space, etc. We are beyond blessed! God is SO good!


Amy and Mark said...

How exciting! We are glad to see you are moved in! Looking forward to the tour when you have free time! :)

Tracy Fredrychowski said...

How exciting! We sold our house much sooner than we thought and had to live in our camper on our land until we could build. It was an adventure, but we have so many fond memories of that time in our life. Your kids will always talk about the time the lived in the garage and cooked outside:)

Abbi said...

Amy and Mark - I have been fixing things up all week in preparation of the "tour" on Monday. Hopefully I will get it posted. I am looking forward to showing you all the different ways that we are making things work. It has been so fun to figure things out.

Tracy - It is fun to hear from others who have gone through similar times. I think you are right that our kids will always look back on this with fond memories.


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