Monday, January 14, 2013

A Rag Rug for December

 This past month I made the biggest rag rug yet. It was a pretty fun project!

I made it for our living room as our current carpet is quite stained and so someday somewhat soon we are hoping to tear the carpet out and install a wood floor instead and I thought a nice area rug would be nice to have. Even with the carpet still in we have been using the rug as we like how it looks and it covers up some of the stains.

  I made the carpet out of wool strips most of which were given to me already cut up so that really helped to speed the process up. I did have to cut some strips (though actually I did little cutting - the kids think that is a fun job) which I cut out of a couple of old wool coats that had been given to me. Most of the wool that went into this project was pretty thick which should help it to be sturdier.

  This rug was made using the multi strand braided method where you join the braids together (by tucking a strip from your current braid into the rug as you go around) as you go.  Here is where I learned how to do it (though this one is way bigger -you just keep going and going...).

   I started this rug a couple of days before Christmas and finished on January 2 or 3rd. It really went together pretty fast and was a very fun holiday activity for me (and the kids had fun helping some as well). I had hoped to blog about it earlier but since I have been unable to upload pictures that wasn't possible until I realized that I could upload a picture to Pinterest and then bring it over to my blog. (And then I found out that didn't work for you all to see it - but now we finally have things fixed and I can upload pictures again - Hooray!!!)

  Making a new rag rug each month of the year was a pretty fun project for me (and I do still have one month that I missed (September I believe ) that I hope to still do one for. Here is the year in review:

I am now trying to figure out my project theme challenge for 2013. What would you be interested in reading about? I have a poll in the side bar - please vote!

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Sheila said...

I can't see your picture. I love seeing your projects!

Abbi said...

That is weird that you can't see the picture! It shows up for me but maybe with the way I did it things aren't quite right. I need to get the problem figured out soon!

Thanks for your comment!

HappyMommy said...

Hello, I loved your post. I can't see the picture though....this rag rug sounds pretty!

Jackie said...

I am having the same trouble. There is a blue box with a ? in it. I wonder if you can delete the picture and upload it again to see if that will work.

Abbi said...

We finally got uploading pictures to work again (we had to upgrade our browser) so hopefully you can see the pictures now!

Anonymous said...

The rug looks GREAT! mom

budgeteer said...

Thank you for visiting me at heart for home-making. I love your rug. I've never seen such a big rag rug and it looks so neat and tidy. I wouldn't bother having a new wood floor - keep the rug on top of the carpet - it's so pretty x

Jackie said...

That is awesome! You have made some really cool rugs this past year.

Cyndi W said...

Hi! I was wondering if you ever used cotton quilting scraps? Use a sturdy base with them. Think that would work? Excited to try your denim one! Thanks and I enjoy your blog! First time here!

Abbi said...

Cyndi, I have used cotton for a lot of my rugs. It works pretty well. I do like thicker materials for many of them as I think they wear longer but I think any fabric basically will work.


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